Slowday Showcase [#7.4]: Ravagers and Cabaal!

3992213213-1Yes, it’s a damn slow day, so it’s time for another Showcase. We’re entering familiar realms as we’re heading into known territory. The band Ravagers consists of four members from Baltimore, Maryland and they’ve currently been helped to release a 12¨ of their self-titled album “Livin In Oblivion“. There is something special about this band, because they put some of those melodic punk bands to shame. It goes a long time before you find something like this and it’s how melodic punk, with thrash-influences should be conducted. Not that there’s a perfect form in which you mold a band, but they combine the best out of the three worlds they have each of their foot in. Reminding me a lot of the Hex Dispensers, even though they play in different divisions. Sing-along punk have never been as acute and astute as this. There’s a certain degree in which you’ll be slinging your fist and prancing around the streets of destructiveness. What I think about is the inherently melodic core of this band, which delivers everything from sick riffs to a certain emotional effect on your own brain. Sometimes you just have to bring it back, with new intentions and a visionary approach to the same mixture of what makes different genres great. It’s snotty, rebellious and they’re living on the edge. Actually, at times, remind me of some of the older Tony Hawk games which I used to play. There, I first heard the song “Amoeba“, which might or might not constitute an influence on these boys. I feel like this is the way Americana should be, or at least they show me something better from that realm of the world. A little bit polished, but still gritty, showing their teeth on some subjects that could be a little bit predictable, but the predictability is nothing compared to their tempo-changes, with wild riffs and a total mind-blowing etiquette. It seems like they’ve pinpointed the quality, not quantity stance that is sorely lacking in much of today’s music. Featuring tracks ranging from “Cold Heat” to “Suicide Bomber“, being released someday in May, on the equally as great label (featured earlier) Cricket Cemetery.

1335723525-1Since I like to have completely contrasting music, fighting over space in Showcase, I decided to include a totally different musician. The artist who goes by the name of Cabaal from Ottowa, have released his latest album to date, namely “Liminality“, which is a metamorphosis of different electronica. Even though the borderline witch house cacophony makes me go astray, the huge landscape featuring everything from (almost) D’n’B-esque sounds to a completely different approach of IDM, make me feel at home again. It’s as if the more modernistic and minimalist elements of that particular genre suddenly started to incorporate themselves, emulating everything that can be considered to be bad in that genre, but instead latching on to the greater elements of the landscape – purveying a sound in between the cacophonous, the enlightened and the brutally obscene. Well, it might not be “obscene” in the words correct meaning, but I hope you catch my drift. At times it feels like I’m climbing the highest mountain, just to fall down into oblivion once again. It also reminds me a lot of the more J-pop oriented stuff that I’ve heard, with overtly (almost obnoxious) electronica that is well-produced and smashes into your own world, without leaving you anything. The deep baselines force you into a dwelling condition, where you don’t know if you’re inside out or if you’re inside in. Probably one of the more fascinating releases that have been offered so far, this year. Everything serves its purpose and the psychedelia is overwhelmingly good. So, have a little tanz by yourself and recognize the ingeniousness. Or fall down from the steep mountain before you ever reach the top of the sphere, failing to collect your rewarded enthusiasm. Because this is going to be in a world of goodies and grace, despise and maybe also a little bit underlying hate. Featuring tracks ranging from “Glass Halo” to “Sun Prism“, self-released in the D.I.Y-fashion, on the 23rd of February.

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