Slowday Showcase [#7.1]: Ortrotasce and Knife for an Eye!

420756192-1I will share with thee a quite overlooked gem from my stash. The duo Ortrotasce are located in Portland and Brooklyn, where they sway the public with their magical electronica. Since they released a totally new album more then a week ago, I’m ashamed that I didn’t pick it up quicker. The EP I’m talking about is “Forgotten“, which was released for the public on the 12th of February and is also their debut. Quickly, when you delve into their sphere of minimalistic synth, adjacent to dark pop and electronica as a whole – you become paralyzed. It’s a great form of paralyze, because your nerves and your system is functioning correctly, but you’re put in a state of trance. Every time I listen to it, every song seems to be programmed after my body, because whenever I hear the strike of the toms, the stab of the synthesizer, or an arpeggio – my body constantly moves together with every nerve in my body. Push a button, feel the feeling and dance along to this menacingly melancholic duo and their uncontrollable whip. Strike one, you’re in, strike two – you’re totally enveloped in their dimension. Their music also puts other minimal synth projects to shame, because they’ve found a way to not make it as static as many acts can be. In the center of their core, the danceable elements of peppiness shrug along the walls but do perfectly fine within the mix. Never loose the edge and never loose the touch, because one way you’re being touched is in an meta-physical continuum of emotional, with realistic fodder. Featuring songs ranging from “Transitory” to “Grey Space“. Their release can be found on the Los Angeles-based label Function Operate.

3683314418-1So, if you like Motörhead on speed, you’ve found the right post. The band Knife for an Eye is straight out of Gothenburg city, featuring three members under the monikers of Al Rixon, Charlie Pride II and Johan. Well, only one might well be a moniker, but I’ll include them all. They’ve currently, since the 20th February, released their “Internet Tracks” collection of two tracks which are some of the hardest songs I’ve heard within the punk and rock’n’roll sphere. At least when it comes to the latest addition to that family, their hardened vocals and their overall gritty sound-scape which reeks of distortion. Sounding like some of the classic punk mixed with rock’n’roll and actually, at times, reminding me a lot of Poison Idea even though they’ve not picked up on their vehement speed yet. Yet again, Gothenburg never ceases to amaze when it comes to sound, since there’s been a lot of great bands coming out of that city lately. If you need to be kick started out of your feverish dreams, you should hook your headphones or your massive speakers – to blast this stuff right into your own ears. Hard as hell, breaking bones and throwing stones. Since I never seem to pinpoint the exact words that could describe it, I would contest with Motörhead hooked up on speed and extreme adrenaline. It seems to be some kind of mutated and awful uncle, just thrashing away and unleashing hell upon your closed gates. Check this shit out, because it’s one of the best things I’ve heard and also one of those who packed the most punches. Featuring the tracks “Getting Hooked” and “One Step Forward, Two Stabs In The Back“. You can download both tracks for free from their bandcamp, or hand them some money while you’re at it.

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