Slowday Showcase [#7.3]: Hungry Soul and Delphine Coma!

224176309-1I remembered, vividly, that I hadn’t included electro yet. I thought it was because of the lack of authentic electro, but I was wrong. First up is the sublime Hungry Soul from Antwerpen, Belgium. His latest endeavor is the release titled “Afterlife Resort“, which gives a rather mushy impression. I’ll explain why. The taciturn yet expressive landscape of both a futuristic time, yet induced and sprinkled with a feeling of nostalgia, has you hooked beneath your kneecaps. Maybe the robots are attacking, but they’re no elites. No, they’re drunken of oil and impaired due to excessive oiling. This could be described further, as they run berserk in your neighboring town, hurting nothing but the infrastructure and themselves.  They do really hate anything even remotely close to them, so they want destruction. It might not be noticeable at first, but the cleanliness and sublime nature of the music arcs into a terribly malevolent situation of electronica and electro joining forces with man instead of machine. Some of it might seem arrhythmic, but it’s really rhythm through and through. That old-school wobble, those analog and those alien. Fearing before caring, locked up in different dimensions, miles apart from each other. Yet something forcefully eradicates your control, which make you a spastic piece of fabric for them to work with. Everything seems remote, but still connected to a centralized authority of electronic(al) magnitude. Actually, the probability of this experimentalism couldn’t be counted on. I was thinking more on the lines of AS1 and instead I got Hungry Soul. But now I know why the soul is hungry, because it wants more of that rhythmic stuff that is delivered through tubes of electro synchronicity. It’s spaced-out, yet confined within its own realms of progression and ambition. Ambiguous at least, ambitious at most – but in between is the only certain thing. Featuring the four tracks “Afterlife Resort“, “Heaven Was High“, “Blunted Beach” and “Jack Lag“. Released on Jack Playmobil Records on the 23rd of February.

1846120871-1Also, it’s been a long time, since I heard anything bombastic within darker genres. Either they limit themselves, pending from bombastic to minimal, or just stay within the confined limits of the minimal genres. Now I’ve found something else, something really special, a duo from Houston, Texas called Delphine Coma. It might not be an actualized release right now, since it was released a month ago, but I had to include it. Their release “Exit Isolation” is anything in between cold wave, minimal synth and darkwave. It’s weird, since it’s only minimalistic in the way the landscape progresses and maybe also the vocals. Everything else about it is monumental and bombastic, utilizing the best of two worlds to withhold the minimalism, but at the same time showcasing both minimalism tendencies with a bombastic core to sit on. The overlaying beauty of the sound-scape is wickedness with melancholic intent, but not to a degree that makes it totally ridiculous. It feels like I’m stuck in a dark vortex, slapping me around and carrying me back each time I take a listen. Everything with it grows on you and the tracks differ in both their attitude towards the listener and the general sense of belonging. They’re inviting you to a world of hurt, but you’re too damn attached to even look away or try to make it out. When you’re sitting on the top of a glacier, looking down on the magical spectacle that is Delphine Coma. It might frighten you at first, but when they’ve got you in their grasp, you’re theirs for the taking. I believe that this is what I think of when recognizing the different genres that influence them. This is exactly how it would turn out, but without me knowing it. There’s a sense of gratitude towards them, at the same time, there’s also an edge to it – which takes you from a non-believers perspective, to a cultist worshiper. Even though some of it could be predicted, their unpredictability and underlying sense of movement makes it such a different experience all-in-all. Transgress and transcend from your own apartment, include yourself or be included. You really have no choice in this matter, because it’s in their hands, which is powerful stuff. Something that isn’t going to be reserved for memory lane, it’s something now a part of you. Featuring the two tracks “Exit Isolation” and “Sothis ▲ Dog Star“, released on the 7th of January, on the label In Aeternum.

Slowday Showcase [#7.2]: M Janet Mars and Human Shield!

2125351867-1This is the first time I’ve included classical music. In a sense, it’s not only classical music, but something different. Anyway, the man behind this project is M Janet Mars from Santiago, Chile. His Wagnerian influences and minimalist versus maximal approach, he’s versatile in what he does. He released a new album titled “Janet Jouissance” today, on the 23rd of February. I might say that I’ve listened to classical and even neo-classical at best, but I’ve never delved deeper into those particular spheres, with the exception being the last mentioned. Here we have calm strokes, here we have a sculpture of your heart. Everything is containable, reachable and even unmissable. With each of the instruments doing what they do best, in their different departments, meeting in the middle. It feels like I’m at the Opera again, having a blast and watching something heartening. Even though I’ve critiqued shows in the past, the music have never struck me as this does. Meet the tradition and the progression of scales, prancing around, holding each others hand. Like an elegant ballet, or a folk-inspired dance, it doesn’t matter. Mighty sounds are coming from the depths, carefully arranged to strike every note of your heart as you bleed out in mercy. Butterflies are coming through your body, you’re finally at peace with the music and the transcendental nature of it is simply astonishing. Also, the tone alone in some of the songs, suggest a jazzy experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Compromised by its elements, not roaming free, but instilling a classical feeling deep within your own soul. Currently, one of the more intriguing releases I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. I know that I say that about a lot of stuff, but this shook my ground in the right moment. There’s also something for everyone here, you can pluck out anything to your heart’s desire. Come forth, ye bold and brave, don’t stay alone and don’t walk astray. Everything will be put at your heart, together with the shy and the naive, breaking barriers in between. A little poetry cannot hurt, because it is developed within the realms of the magnificent M Janet Mars! Featuring tracks from “This is the Haunt” to “Dawn of the Haunt“. This was released on the non-profit label Mesmerize Savant.

4024917429-1Alright, it’s time for some brutality. For those of you who don’t know, Human Shield consists of ex-The Aftermath, Coke Bust, Sick Fix and current State Violence/Dealbreaker members. Well, that’s a hard line-up right there that you’d have trouble overcoming. Currently, they’ve released their first “DEMO 7¨“, which will be the particular release that I’ll be covering. At times it sounds like scandicore, but it’s got some of that interesting power violence touch among itself which makes the unbearable even more unbearable. Gritty, powerful, extreme – to the absolute core with shredding great accuracy. The vocals are an absolute horror to even encounter, which is meant in a good way, because it sounds even more brutal than much of the stuff that can be found in even more “extreme” genres, how one even could counter the extreme power violence etiquette, is the next question. One of the greater things about the vocals is that he reaches so deep and has a broad spectrum of total annihilation, which is bestowed upon us listeners. It also sounds great even though it’s down below in the mud and in the filth, which is a great thing when it comes to demos, because I’ve never been a fan of screechy and unsustainable tapes/vinyls. You can actually listen to this and keep your head intact, but it’s some of the most brutal stuff I’ve heard from that part of the world. D.C. seems to know where it is at and they do it with such a great vigor that I already convinced myself to buy a copy of this. What more can be said, really? I don’t like to go on for ages, but this is something you definitely should check out. Even though Showcase is something you should check out all-in-all, this is absolutely something I can recommend from the bottom of my murky heart. Featuring tracks from “” to “Let it Burn“. This has been released on the awesome label Cricket Cemetery.

Slowday Showcase [#7.1]: Ortrotasce and Knife for an Eye!

420756192-1I will share with thee a quite overlooked gem from my stash. The duo Ortrotasce are located in Portland and Brooklyn, where they sway the public with their magical electronica. Since they released a totally new album more then a week ago, I’m ashamed that I didn’t pick it up quicker. The EP I’m talking about is “Forgotten“, which was released for the public on the 12th of February and is also their debut. Quickly, when you delve into their sphere of minimalistic synth, adjacent to dark pop and electronica as a whole – you become paralyzed. It’s a great form of paralyze, because your nerves and your system is functioning correctly, but you’re put in a state of trance. Every time I listen to it, every song seems to be programmed after my body, because whenever I hear the strike of the toms, the stab of the synthesizer, or an arpeggio – my body constantly moves together with every nerve in my body. Push a button, feel the feeling and dance along to this menacingly melancholic duo and their uncontrollable whip. Strike one, you’re in, strike two – you’re totally enveloped in their dimension. Their music also puts other minimal synth projects to shame, because they’ve found a way to not make it as static as many acts can be. In the center of their core, the danceable elements of peppiness shrug along the walls but do perfectly fine within the mix. Never loose the edge and never loose the touch, because one way you’re being touched is in an meta-physical continuum of emotional, with realistic fodder. Featuring songs ranging from “Transitory” to “Grey Space“. Their release can be found on the Los Angeles-based label Function Operate.

3683314418-1So, if you like Motörhead on speed, you’ve found the right post. The band Knife for an Eye is straight out of Gothenburg city, featuring three members under the monikers of Al Rixon, Charlie Pride II and Johan. Well, only one might well be a moniker, but I’ll include them all. They’ve currently, since the 20th February, released their “Internet Tracks” collection of two tracks which are some of the hardest songs I’ve heard within the punk and rock’n’roll sphere. At least when it comes to the latest addition to that family, their hardened vocals and their overall gritty sound-scape which reeks of distortion. Sounding like some of the classic punk mixed with rock’n’roll and actually, at times, reminding me a lot of Poison Idea even though they’ve not picked up on their vehement speed yet. Yet again, Gothenburg never ceases to amaze when it comes to sound, since there’s been a lot of great bands coming out of that city lately. If you need to be kick started out of your feverish dreams, you should hook your headphones or your massive speakers – to blast this stuff right into your own ears. Hard as hell, breaking bones and throwing stones. Since I never seem to pinpoint the exact words that could describe it, I would contest with Motörhead hooked up on speed and extreme adrenaline. It seems to be some kind of mutated and awful uncle, just thrashing away and unleashing hell upon your closed gates. Check this shit out, because it’s one of the best things I’ve heard and also one of those who packed the most punches. Featuring the tracks “Getting Hooked” and “One Step Forward, Two Stabs In The Back“. You can download both tracks for free from their bandcamp, or hand them some money while you’re at it.