Black Table dates and locations of The Great Southern Heist tour!


Black Table is happy to announce the official dates and locations for our 2013 “The Great Southern Heist” tour. We will be on the road for two weeks starting March 8th thru March 23rd, heading from NY to Texas and back crashing SXSW.

The Great Southern Heist” earned it’s name from Jason Han-Nödtveidt through a contest we held on our band facebook page called “Name Our Tour“. Basically, we let our friends and fans submit possible name ideas. The response was way more then we expected, and from all the submissions we finally settled on the one that we felt really nailed it, “The Great Southern Heist“. In return for the effort we gave the winner some freebies and a #1 print of the soon to be screened poster.

Our last tour in December took us up and down the east coast, and this time we’ll be heading to the heart of the country for our first time. We are really excited to get out again and play some new places with amazing bands like our friends in Vattnet Viskar, VYGR, Co-Pilot, Dead Empires, and Gradius. We can’t wait!

Tour Dates:

3/8/2013 Brooklyn,NY @ The End Records  (w/ VYGR)

3/9/2013 Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Center (w/ Dead Empiers)

3/10/2013 Lindenwold, NJ @ J Walkers  (w/ Ominous Black / Dutch Guts)

3/11/2013 Annandale, VA @ Cellar Door  (w/ Gradius)

3/12/2013 Raleigh, NC @ The Morgue  (w/ Sinister Haze)

3/13/2013 Columbus, GA @ Plughouse

3/14/2013 New Orleans , LA @ Hangar 13

3/15/2013 San Antonio, TX @ Zombies

3/16/2013 Austin, TX @ 29th Street Ballroom  (w/ VYGR / Co-Pilot)

3/17/2013 Tulsa, OK @ Downtown Lounge  (w/ Vattnet Viskar)

3/18/2013 Topeka, KS @ The Boobie Trap  (w/ Vattnet Viskar)

3/19/2013 Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge  (w/ Vattnet Viskar)

3/20/2013 Lexington, KY @ TBA  (w/ Vattnet Viskar / VYGR)

3/21/2013 Columbus, OH @ Kobo Live  (w/ Vattnet Viskar / VYGR)

3/22/2013 Ithaca, NY @ Underground  (w/ Vattnet Viskar)

3/23/2013 Burlington, VT @ Arts Riot  (w/ Vattnet Viskar)


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