Showcase: BOY, Diät, Minus!

1007920612-1Militaristic outfits, concrete hardcore and furiously ripping. That’s what BOY is about. As these Czech masterminds control the war-zone, they also deliver a catchy moment 22 right in your face. You don’t know what hit you, but you like it anyway. I suggest that you check out the songs they have on their 7¨ “I’m Weird” that was released today on the 9th of February. I would recommend the whole record, it sounds polished but still behaves in a gritty manner. Every song is pretty much phenomenal and contain those feelings you’d want to get from a band like this, playing in a genre filled to the brink with emotions. As you move on through, you just want more and more. The songs featured on this release is “Anti-social“, “I’m weird” and “Insane worlds“. Everything you hear and see is totally D.I.Y.


There’s currently one song out, which doesn’t tell you everything about the motives. But the band Diät deliver what you post-punkers have waited for a decade to hear once more. A smoothly outlined but dirty post-punk, power violence and everything-in-between mix of genres. The overlapping sound tends to fend itself of the post-punk marker, but drags it along the lines together with a new-wave sound. Don’t underestimate them, because the melancholic atmosphere and vibrant melodic sound-scape will drag you down with it. As there’s only one song out, by the name of “Everyday“, you’ll have to wait a little bit more before you get the whole deal. Featured on their upcoming album “Positive Energy“, being released on the ungodly label Iron Lung Records sometime this year.

3380082928-1With both arrhythmic and rhythmic, this Sydney-outfit called Minus delivers a shockingly broad landscape of decaying sound and bubbling noises. The album might not be fully completed, as he states himself, but it surely brings a whole other level to the music at hand. Some instrumentalist vibes here, some quirky electronics there, and a totally darkened quest for musicality as an embodiment of his own philosophy and experience. Featuring ten tracks of well-produced goodness which takes you from nowhere to everywhere, with seconds in between the arrangements. Also influenced by horror scores and trip-hop, so you’ll have to grasp the whole idea and its widespread claws that grabs a hold of you and gives you the varied potency of a lethal mixture. Songs range from “Relapse” to “The 13th Conjunction“. It’s also totally D.I.Y.

Label: Septiva Sound!


I found a label from Kansas City, which goes by the name of Septiva Sound. It got started up in the middle of 2011 and they’ve currently only featured releases with the two following artists: IInygm▲ and IVY M▲RIE, which are the two aliases of the label-manager. Their mission statement is to showcase experimental music and they call themselves a “multi-dimensional” label. They’re totally D.I.Y. and should be checked out since they have some nasty electronica, vibrant drone-ism and a totally spherical sound with could easily be described as supernatural. Behold the stature of what may be considered to be futuristic experimental, or a robotic presence in your time and space.

Promo: Sans – Inte ens natten


Det någorlunda nysammansätta shoegaze-bandet SANS har en platta vid namn “Inte Ens Natten“. Den släpptes förra året i November och är enligt andra bloggar rätt bra. Trots att det är mycket mer åt dreampop-hållet så innehåller den en kavalkad av känslornas olika kulörer. Föreställ dig att du är havet och att vågorna är ett resultat av din rörelse, som vid olika tillfällen är mer energisk och vid andra; mer tillrättalagd. Den underliggande känslan är dock som av klassisk alternativ rock som till exempel Kent, vilket Sverige sett till att vara en av våra starkare exporter. Lämna pretentionerna hemma och tanka hem den om ni skulle ha vägarna förbi.