Cryme releases new music-video and will release a new cassette!

You’ve probably heard about them in different outlets, but you’ve never heard about them on this site. Cryme consist of Daniel Fagerström (The Skull Defekts / Optic Nest) and Mattias Gustafsson (Altar of Flies), they create music that is in between the realms of synth-pop and industrial, with a touch of analog destructiveness and bizarre rhythms. They’re presently going to release a whole new album titled “Mekonium” on the eccentric Swedish label Beläten, which will be up for grabs on 9th of February, but can be pre-ordered right now.

Now you’ve gotten a sufficient background-check about this duo, so now I guess you’d want to know what their music-video is like. Well, it was created by W.E. Diva Boid and is a take on the legendary pop-group ABBA‘s song “Money, Money, Money“-video. So be sure to compare before venturing into their world, through the eyes of their music. By the way, their tracks “Thea Samper Power” and “The Drop” are up for free downloading, down below. If you want to, you can also listen to their whole album from the Beläten headquarters over at bandcamp.

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