Black Table want you to name their upcoming tour!


This came to me very recently so I haven’t had the time to put it up. Since I got it today, I’ll do it anyway since the deadline is tomorrow. Anyway, Black Table (the band) wants you to name their upcoming tour. You’ll get more information about it down below this sentence.

We head to Austin, TX in March on a 17 day tour. Give us a title and if we choose yours, you’ll get the first numbered silk-screened tour poster that is based on your submission and our new unreleased shirt. Submit as many as you like.

Terms: We will pick one title we like as our official tour name. We will contact the author and mail the poster and shirt to the address they provide as soon as the merchandise is in ready, no later than March 8th 2013.

– Ryan (Black Table)

So do them a favor and enter this competition to win! The tour will be in March 2013 and you’ll be able to watch them in Austin, TX at different locations. You can enter this competition by following this link and writing in whatever name you’d think suits their upcoming tour. But remember, the deadline is at midnight on the 4th of February, so don’t miss out!

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