Fluorescent Records celebrate one year by releasing a compilation!

Fluorescent Presents - For Someone Who`s 1

If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re Fluorescent Records and they specialize in digital releases that are up free for download. Their main focus is on eclectic and experimental electronic music, with a little bit of tentacles in everything, amongst other things the following genres: future garage, ambient, witch house, et cetera. They’re totally DIY and are based out of Tallahassee in Florida, run by Daniel Geraci and Johnny Boles. With that in mind, they’ve managed to become a global collective which caters to everyone’s interest within the electronic genres.

But enough about this, since they’re celebrating one year as a label, they’re releasing a compilation which goes by the name of “Fluorescent Presents: For Someone Who’s 1“. The following artists are featured in this compilation: Ambinate, Khan Kurra, Koda, Skerror, POLYHYMNIΔ, Great Beer, Blue Bliss, AbdeCaf, microcosmos, Smesh Party, Square Masses, ni’en:bhed, Violet Familiar, Snakethread, Gloom, Moskra, BLK SMK, PrettyFacesSplitOpen and Dead Fe†us. Covering genres and styles such as those described above. There’s also a tracklist for this compilation down below.

1. Ambinate – Can U

2. Khan Kurra – Govindra VIP

3. Koda – Antiprism (Zerbaman Remix)

4. Skerror – DiaGloLik

5. POLYHYMNIΔ – Ignorant

6. GREAT BEER – Lijadus

7. Blue Bliss – Seeds of a New Dimension

8. AbdeCaf – All Yr Love

9. microcosmos – HYPY FYN

10. Smesh Party – Flubastibox

11. Square Masses – I’ll Leave Slow

12. ni’en:bhed – Sabrina

13. Violet Familiar – Heat Shimmer

14. Snakethread – BAAL

15. Gloom – gl0cean

16. Moskra – Flight of the Magi

17. BLK SMK – Let The Rain Fall Down (Cover)

18. PrettyFacesSplitOpen – Dream Of

19. Dead Fe†us – No Sads

You can download the compilation from their Bandcamp-page which is posted below. Or, if you don’t like it that way, you can download it from Mediafire, too. Do also check out their other releases since you can download their whole catalog for free.

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