Vigilance: ‘Queen of the Midnight Fire’ Artwork Revealed


The Slovenian occult act Vigilance is proud to reveal the artwork of their upcoming album entitled “Queen of the Midnight Fire”.

Queen of the Midnight Fire” is scheduled to be released on Metal Tank Records (Exact date T.B.A.). Ripping with its excellent mixture of genuine traditional Speed / Heavy Metal filled with profound devotion for primordial occultism, Vigilance itself reflects perfectly a lethal dose of true metal, real old school attitude fueled with dark emotions and spell bound intensity. Prepare for a voyage beyond mortal knowledge.

The following song titles are expected to appear on “Queen of the Midnight Fire”:

01. Panic Attack

02. Dismay

03. Messiah of Decay

04. Away from Reality (Instrumental)

05. The Wave of Death

06. Playground of Visions

07. Revelation Of Truth (Acoustics)

08. Cruel World (Society to Adapt)

09. Unbearable Conditions

More information can be obtainted by visiting the renewed site at Metal Tank Records.

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