Zeon Light släpper fem nya kassettband!


Då har dagen med stort “D” anlänt (den 17:e Januari) och Joakim Granlund som är operatören bakom Zeon Light Kassett, har bestämt sig för att släppa de fem nya kassetterna som det har varit på tal om här förut. De kassetter som släpptes inkluderar följande musikakter: Oliwa, Soft Parts, Arc Light, Tidlös och Heat and White. Från Malmö till Santa Fe, från techno till mörk pop, med andra ord så utlovas det en stor variation. Med tanke på detta så finns det även ett erbjudande, om ni bor inom Sveriges gränser och köper alla fem kassetter, så går det på 200 kr i jämförelse med om man köpt de separat, då de i så fall kostat 50 kr styck. Detta är alltså inklusive porto. Så skynda er över till Zeon Light och beställ om detta faller er i smaken.

Nedanför finner ni även kassetterna, så att ni kan lyssna på dessa digitalt.

Review: Deathstench – Massed in Black Shadow

1587623078-1Putrid filth spewed directly from the gaping mouth of the abysmal death-industrial/dark ambient duo called Deathstench, based around Darea Plantin and JohnPaul Whetzel, whom also worked within the band Welter in thy Blood. As the black oil puts on a layer of disguise, they rapidly move into the first song on the album titled “Extractum Ex Infernis“. The whole picturesque scene that upholds itself, suggests that an almost ritualistic wall of death-industrial paves the way for the lesser elements of this song. Going ahead in a manner of strength, stinking up the whole place with the vocalists utterly distorted wave of noise. The whole continuum of the sound-scape brazenly lighten up the darkest emotions from within, conjuring horrific pictures inside an ever numbed down skull. An almost propagandist feature is the repeated words heard in the background, almost as an instructional guidance for this visually gruesome landscape of gigantic splendor, in the way of the smutty putrefaction. The repetitive notion of the sound-scape waltzes on in its own particular manner, as it autonomously pulsates on with sheer destruction in mind. As a novice within the genres, you’d expect it to be fascinatingly obvious to pinpoint the exact partition divided between the genres. But from what you hear, the overt dark ambient is forcefully managed to step on and include the darker elements of the genres, as the death-industrialist expose can work within, undisturbed. Emotionally, this is a masterpiece, as it steps on your toes with no forgiveness and continues on like the amoeba it is. Gathering different intelligentsia from other corners of the vitally important genre-sphere, as it delves deeper into your mind, haunting your mind with the most susceptible mixture of ignominy. You simply can’t ignore the vastness and cunning of the machinated abyssal void that is coming right at you.

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