Review: Terence Hannum – Burning Impurities (C60)

553027225-1Being one third of the avant metal drone collective of Locrian, the sole perpetrator Terence Hannum embark on a rough journey between industrialism and meditative unconsciousness. We’re slowly walking down the steps of the first song “Ceremonially Clean“, which jump-starts your inner senses and collectively shroud you in the madness of distortion and the hegemony of experimentalist dark ambient. Static noises that wobble around a processed sound, clutching your attention with the sheer destructive force combined. The somewhat hardline presence of an industrialists joy, turn the coated noise into a spectacular event of figurative representation. The deepening possibilities seem endless, as you gaze towards the monstrosity that forms around you and tries to take over. Walking in between the different spheres, realms and dimensions of sound and represents a tiny fraction of what can be done musically if you have the courage and wit to surpass these notions.

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