Countdown to Christmas – 23rd December

Since I’m way off on the countdown this time, I’m going to introduce one new clip each day until the 24th of December. I’m eagerly awaiting Christmas (or Yule as we say) and this day is dedicated to Keffat Liv. Well, what can you say about this constellation? There was a great article about Färska Prinzen, whom is one of the members in this constellation, in Megalaser, which is an extremely unorthodox online-“zine” that often write about taboo subjects. All the Swedish readers can look it up over here, scroll down and find him. They rap about topics and subjects that I’d rather not write here, but they’re rapping about topics that are extremely taboo, yet they’re loved by the majority (or minority?) of people here in Sweden.

I started listening to them when I was younger and everyone could quote at least some songs and the lyrics as well. I think their music pinpoints some of the “forbidden” attitudes that people have here. What I’m talking about is the ability to joke about the most sickening things and still be able to laugh at the absurdity of it. They embody the vulgar humor of Skåningar, make great beats and have a well-produced sound-scape to go with it. Other people that are involved in similar projects, which were called everything from Dom Viktiga Skorna, Dubbel Trubbel to Färska Prinzen (the solo-project), are and were Mr. Cool, Armann, Hyper (sometimes) and JNI. Färska Prinzen also have an alterego which is Roger Bruhn.

It’s hard to explain their music for everyone that isn’t (at least) from Sweden. But I try my hardest to do just that. I will also list some of my favorite albums here, but I’d like you to check out the Ett Julkort Från Förr EP which is a vulgar take at what Christmas means for Keffat Liv. There’s something traditional about listening to it right before the great day. I think it’s one of their better releases from Keffat Liv, accompanied by Pass På Hall which is one of their earliest releases to date. I also think that their latest album Vassego O Skölj should get some attention, too. They decided to release some ploy-songs just to fool people, before releasing the album as a whole. There are a lot of other things that can be said about the other constellations, but they’re basically different people in the same “collective” with the exception of them being featured together in different sub-groups.

This is the 23rd of December and I’m the Invisible Guy.

Best tracks of 2012 according to Invisible Guy!

10. Seacrypt – Other Worlds

Taken from their debut album A Momentary Rift which I found randomly while browsing bandcamp. Certainly also one of the greater albums this year, with a roster of eight powerful and mind-numbingly great tracks. An ode to the greatness of darkwave, synth-pop and ambient – all in one.

9. Curxes – Spectre

One of the better bands this year and definitely one of the greatest songs I’ve heard this year. The noir pop-esque feeling that never seems to let go, wherever you lay your eyes, they’re there observing you. An emotional wonder that will hopefully stand the toll of time, and that also have lived the post-destruction era that is and was 2012.

8. Inkvisitionen – Dö som lejon

Knuckleduster hardcore from the city of Gothenburg, representing their city with a monstrous track, demanding complete annihilation of everything. One of the fiercest hardcore tracks I’ve heard this year, fortunately released before next year so it could be included in this list. Like it was meant to be.

7. INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ – The Banishing

A softie from this phenomenal constellation. Featuring my favorite genres, done completely right, with absolutely no regard whatsoever for labels to be smacked upon them. Which is an attitude I mostly support, so you should support them by tuning in and buying their stuff. With that said, this track (and the other one) are totally different from their earlier material, featuring a highly ambiguous (and) ambitious effort from their side.

6. Velvet Condom – Kalter Lippenstift (INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ Remix)

I must say that I enjoy the regular version as much, but I had to choose, so I chose the remix by INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ. Why? Because there’s so much energy in this remix, which overshadows the original song. I’d like to say that they’re good in different ways, but this one is (by far), superior.

5. Black Table – Heist

One of the more surprising tracks in this list. I must say that I have a feeling when I’m about to hear something extraordinary. So, I will have to say that this progressive metal/black metal/post-metal act deserve all credit where credit is due. This is their best track on the EP they released recently. I don’t know why, but the lyrical content and the musical ambitions are outstanding. With a pretty unique vocalist, whom I thought was a man at first. Sorry, Mers, I should’ve known that you’re a she and not a he.

4.TSTI – Love & Truth

Straight from a bedroom somewhere in New York. A man with a quest to enhance his own sound, release his creativity on analogue machinery and be a part of something organic. This track have all the little details, every influence and a feeling that shouldn’t be underestimated. Synth-pop from the glory days, but with a new twist and certainly not a copy of a copy. Deserving everything and definitely fitted for this list.

3. Niels Nielsen – Shadow Twin

I’m going back to the drawing board, I’m hoping that Zeigeist will re-establish themselves, but until then; Niels Nielsen is adequate with this wonderful track. Even though it contain some lethal doses of mainstream, I have endured and must say that this is one of the best tracks this year. Nostalgia may have gripped me by the balls, but I don’t really care. This track will be played on New Year’s eve.

2. Henric de la Cour – Grenade

Calm yet bombastic. One of the tracks I’ve wanted to get a hold of physically, but failed due to my own incompetence. Along with everything else he’s done, I would say that this is probably the epitome. This track is the best that I’ve heard from him yet, so let’s hope that he continues in this fashion.

1. the Hex Dispensers – Parallel

What can I say? I’ve been playing this track non-stop since it was released. The record has been reviewed thoroughly and there’s probably nothing that can match this. Also, it feels good that someone decided to accompany Gérard Depardieu with this track, it enriches it even more.

The runner-ups are the following tracks:

10. Alina Devecerski – Jag Svär

9. Damage – Keeping It Wild

8. The Foreign Resort – Buried

7. Agent Side Grinder – Wolf Hour

6. Övervarning – Det heliga korset

5. Monozid – rita, you know we are doomed

4. Bombangrepp – Skuggan Av Dödens Sändebud

3. Beyond Pink – Statements on statement

2. Xiu – Life Is A Lie

1. Linea Aspera – Malarone