Review: In Death It Ends – Futureblack

3040548142-1Solicited cold wave with ethereal components. A heart and bridge in between the ethereal sphere of alternative music and a homage to the new school cold wave complex. Fierce components rage in between the cowbell and baselines in a surging lo-fi sound-scape that shape the whole progression. It feels like there’s energy to light up the more subliminal features in the song “Futureblack“, which relies on the beat to continually pulsate through a wall of spears before wrecking itself in a minimalistic fashion. Oddly enough, the cowbell(?) is what marks the change and stands out from everything else. Since the all-round sound feels like a perfect release from this ambitious (and ambiguous) cold wave act.

Like a perfect combination of weird but apt and soaring cold-wave futurism, the ethereal dimension picks off the slack. As they mention themselves, the label “occult” can be translated into the aforementioned. By closely monitoring their releases, one can say that this is a perfect transgression from the darker power electronics, into a more laid back version of the act itself. If they hadn’t already come up with a label for this themselves, someone else would’ve, but they match the description of “ghost-wave” as their ghastly sound-scape leaves you wanting to delve deeper below the line that is drawn in the sand. Even though it sometimes can get a little bit shallow, they always back it up with a barebacked structure that lays itself out upon you.

As the other wonderful track comes into play, the title “The Banishing“, feels even more relevant. Here they bring out their post-punk influence, which can largely be heard from the lingering baseline and darker edge. Even the name of the track is describing it well enough, as it plays a big part in the placement of the song itself. It is also one of the more intriguing but repetitive songs I’ve heard this year, it seems to invite you into their world but only as an observer. As it continually develop and transgress beyond the boundaries of petty labels, they cannot be ignored.

This is a slap in the face to people who’ve ever wondered if they’re something you can count on, which you evidently can, as this up-tempo and post-punk flavored piece of magic, take its hands on the wand and enthrall you. Forget everything about time that have passed, look straight into the belly of the beast and find yourself at home. As the edge slice deeper into flesh, the catchy overtones are slowly dragging you over the line and making you commit to In Death It Ends. Which is a commitment you’re not going to regret, even though it’s only two tracks, you’ll soon have it all. Their job here is done and the rest is up to you, as this wonderful two-track release makes it onto your cassette-player.

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