Countdown to Christmas – 17th December

Since I’m way off on the countdown this time, I’m going to introduce one new clip each day until the 24th of December. I’m eagerly awaiting Christmas (or Yule as we say) and this day is dedicated to The Stockholm Monsters – a criminally overlooked band which released one album and a number of EPs and singles. One of those records were their first and only album Alma Mater (1984) which contained one of my favorite songs from this blissful act, songs like “To Look At Her“, “Your Uniform” and “Terror“. Besides that, I’ve also got some other favorites that I’d like to tell you about here. The single How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? (1985) is one of their best singles ever to be released, accompanied by their other single which was released earlier, that goes by the name of Miss Moonlight (1983).

I must also say that I have no favorite EP that this band has released, since the singles and their only album at hand give me the listening pleasure I need. However, I need to recommend the compilation that was released in the 2000’s, titled All At Once (Singles 1981 – 1987) which was released in 2002. The track at the top is from this compilation and I think it pinpoints their sound and really doesn’t compromise with it either. All the tracks that are supposed to be on it is in there.

This is the 17th of December and I’m the Invisible Guy.

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