The top 5 interviews on Invisible Guy in 2012! (Part I)

I really suck at writing introductions and I hate to do them too. But I will do it for you, so you understand what this is all about. I created this blog in the end of 2011, but it didn’t really pick up steam until May this year. Since I’ve mainly been focusing on interviews on reviews on this blog, there’s a lot of those here. The interviews that I’ve done for this blog is now certainly above at least thirty. Some of them have been great and others have been an absolute disaster. I don’t even know if I’ve developed my interviewing skills throughout the years, but hopefully I have so it will be worthy a read. Therefore I’ve decided to rank the best interviews on this blog exclusively for the readers of this blog. Since there is a lot of content that isn’t displayed on here, you might see a lot of interviews that I’ve done earlier this year. Welcome to Part I!

5sm-press5. Interview with Sofy Major published 2012-07-27

This interview was actually supposed to be on another site, but since I hadn’t gotten it back for ages, I decided to publish it on my blog instead. It’s actually one of the interviews that I decided to conduct via mail and I also did it while I was sick. So I think it’s great to get this result, since I wasn’t in my best shape when coming up with the questions. Everything went better than expected and I got the questions back at a vital time for update on my blog. It might not be the best interview when it comes to the questions, but I think I got some relevant and long answers to my questions. This is what brightens you up when you’ve worked on these questions for some time, even though you’re not supposed to do it at that time, but had to do it because of a deadline. I would like to quote an interesting question and answer from this interview:

So you’ve started up your own label, could you tell me a little bit more about Solar Flare Records? What makes this label unique? Will future Sofy Major releases be featured on this label?

Mathieu:Well, this was pretty unexpected; at the beginning, when we first worked with Andrew Schneider, I know he and his band PIGS had a record to be released and I asked them if I could help putting something out. I didn’t realize the amount of time which was necessary to handle such a big release and didn’t have the opportunity to listen to the whole master, but the few songs available on Coextinction Rds (they self-released an EP through their own label) and the other ones on Slutspace were killer. So I just said “Ok, let’s see what I can do”, as I’ve already put some money in some other previous Sofy Major related records, I knew how boring and time-wasting it was to take care of the PR work.

Then I finally got the final master and artworks, and I thought this record was obviously going to be a real blast. This plus the fact that I was releasing something for cool guys who’ve always been working hard, that’s why I began Solar Flare Records and decided what artistic direction this label should follow: releasing vinyls and digital versions of records from awesome bands not having the opportunity or time to do a worldwide release. I’m also interested in re-releasing LP versions of albums which were only released on CDs, some albums are really worth having a second life, you know, those forgotten gems… The artistic direction is : “We cover a part of the Rock’n Roll field, surprise me, make your own stuff, sound original, be sincere and you’ll be welcome here”. Also for Sofy Major’s upcoming record, I don’t know if we’ll release it on Solar Flare at the moment, probably not or I’ll just give the album some additional PR support but we’re actually looking for some labels to release it.

225879_173275482726128_3201622_n4. Interview with Beyond Pink published 2012-07-11

I can’t really recall the premise of this interview, because I was up at my heels in stuff to do. So I conducted an interview with them which I got back in some months time, but what was interesting is that it turned out to be great. There are a lot of insightful things into the band Beyond Pink and their members. Also a lot of stuff that I decided to ask questions about were their earlier releases, labels and stuff that has anything to do with hardcore. Since we live in the same city, it’s also a blast to do an interview with such a great band that you also share the same city with. This interview was also re-published (in part) on the polish label Emancypunx Records, that released some of their latest albums. The interview also gives a pretty good background story all-in-all and you get to know them a little bit better and the thought behind their music. I would like to quote an interesting question and answer from that interview:

What is your opinion about the hardcore-scene in Sweden?

Clara:It’s interesting when you tour in Germany because then you realize what a huge scene they have, such good places for shows and a big audience, but – no bands! Here it’s the reversed: small scene, no places for shows and often very small audiences, but –  a lot of great bands! The Swedish audience is kind of snobby compared to the rest of Europe, it’s like “don’t DARE to move unless you know that this is a band that all of our friends think is really cool and has a lot of cred”, but still, there is a few ups on Swedish audience compared to rest of Europe: we have a sense of humor, we dress better and in many cases we smell better. But as a band of course we prefer to play in front of happy, dancing people than well-dressed ones.

Cajsa:Compared to Germany, it´s also a “no dogs on shows” kind of scene, which I prefer. be continued in Part II! Otherwise, happy new year!

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