Deathrock Radio wednesdays!


Back To The Batcave is back, as it always is, every Wednesday. So tune in for some more interesting goth and post-punk from times past.


1. Eva. O – Children of the Light
2. Flowers of Romance – Autumn Kids
3. Paul Nova – Letter Of Love
4. Glorious Din – Sixth Pillar
5. Positive Noise – Treachery
6. Thrill To Pull – Green To Red
7. Die Hausfrauen – Bellevue Affair
8. Girls Under Glass – Reach For The Stars
9. Hysteria – Love Thine Enemy
10. The Sisters Of Mercy – A Rock And A Hard Place
11. Leitmotiv – A Meeting
12. Bab – The Elephant Man
13. The Caves – Darkness
14. Marquee Moon – Angst + War
15. DA – Dark Rooms
16. Ultime Possibilité – Errance
17. Echo And The Bunnymen – The Pictures On My Wall

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