Review: Kabul Golf Club – Le Bal Du Rat Mort

Le-Bal-Du-Rat-MortA concoction of the best math-rock with the best punk rock, but with a serious lack of steam at times. There’s an odd edge to this band that I really like, as I start listening to their first track “Bits Of Freedom” which stumble into my ears, amidst swooping gestures. There’s a really hard edge to the song, assisted by breakdowns that pump blood into the heart of a forgotten sound. Every time you hear it, there’s a sense of apathy coming your way as the punk-influences ravage everything in their way. No where to be found, is the sloppy and disengaged math-rock of yesteryear, which frankly just feeds off of the weirdness of the genre. Instead, the utilization of punk-vibes that bounce throughout the mix make sure that energy flows throughout every sense of the word. It revitalizes the otherwise too frantic sound and packs a punch that would kill your ears instantly. Not that your ears would be in dire need of medical assistance, but they’d be phasing out with the hard sound and racking heads along the way sound-wise, as it re-wires itself, going through every stem of each braincell. So if you ever wanted to cool off, you’ll have to do it with the next song “Minus 45“, as it freezes your whole body. There’s much more of the math-rock, more of the weirdness and the sense of total fatigue.

The gritty and high-pitched noise that pretty much sounds like a siren, cleaves my head into two parts. One part likes it and the other one doesn’t. However, they pick up the slack by doing what they do best, combining the energy of punk with math-rock. Even though the downward spiral of the strange sound is getting boring by now, they find a way out from the madness and re-instate their sanity. I don’t really like where the sound is heading, as I’m more of the punk guy. But they’ve got such a unique sound and yet they manage to keep the sound-scape appropriate. They never try too hard, but sometimes it’s just weird. Which takes me to the track “Fastmoving Consumer Goods“, that by its name alone reveals that we’re in for a ride like the one before. I don’t really cope with the sound, since it sounds like a big mess. There are so many influences in here that it makes my head turn around and hopefully I’ll manage to get it going again. I think there’s too much going on at a very slow pace. Since I like up-tempo a little bit more, it becomes boring after the third time around. It just feels like the instrumentation keeps coming at me, but they never reach anywhere deep, where it feels.

A more shallow version of the songs before, which just seems to operate on trying to be something they shouldn’t be. However, the vocals are complimentary in this dire situation, as they keep the vessel afloat for some time before it sinks to the bottom once again. It’s not horrid, it’s not disengaging – it’s just a little bit on the strange side of things. Which in itself might not be a bad thing, but in this case, surely is. I wouldn’t say that the next track “5 Minutes 2 Midnight” is the same, but there’s a lack of the obvious punk-influences. This is as if Lydia Lunch (when she did some no-wave) would march in and take control over some generic post-punk band and smash in some psychedelic vocals at that. I must say that the vocals are what keeps this song alive as well. The singer has got energy and packs the punch that I heard earlier, which makes it much more intriguing to listen to. There is something about his voice that complements the music as well, I just hope that the music can complement itself and take a step away from the noisy math-rock.

However, the last song “Demon Days“, is where its at. I feel like they’re at the height of their musical endeavor on this record, because it packs the necessary punch to the pancreas that Kabul Golf Club have concocted. Certainly one of the better songs on this album, since they use the punk-influences a little bit better and blend the good math-rock vibes within. This is a hard-hitter and it’s uncompromising, its also where it should be at when you’re thinking about listening to them. This is really their signature sound, it’s something they should develop further and hold on to. Because, damn, it’s such a fucking great sound. I don’t think I’ve heard anything like it, at least not recently. Good riddance boys, you’ve convinced a blogger to join in on the chant. I must say that the middle half of the album was rather disappointing, but the beginning and the end makes up for the loss of steam.

Released: 2012

Label: Uproar For Veneration – UVF07


1. Bits Of Freedom

2. Minus 45

3. Fast Moving Consumer Goods

4. 5 Minutes 2 Midnight

5. Demon Days

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