Five questions for Stab Me Kill Me!

Stab Me Kill Me is a band from Seattle that play melodic punk rock. They’re notable for their first demo, which featured four very interesting tracks. Currently, the band doesn’t have a label, but should any label be interested in their material – they should contact them over here. I asked David Dead, one of the guitarist/vocalists in the band, a few question about Stab Me Kill Me and their progress so far.

Tell me more about Stab Me Kill Me and when did you start your band up and who are you guys?

– We started up in May of this year. About once a month we’d end up getting together, almost always by chance or accident, and we’d fuck around with some songs. As of a month ago we’ve talked about trying to figure out a way to get together a little more regularly, but so far that’s pretty much how we’ve been operating. Jeff plays bass and sings, K2 plays drums and sings, and I play guitar and sing. My name is David by the way.

Who is the artist behind the cover of your self-released demo and how long did it take for you to put it out? What have you accomplished with it so far?

– I’m glad that you asked this question! Tom Lowell is a good friend of ours here in Seattle and does all of STAB ME KILL ME’s artwork. In the future if you see a cool drawing on something of ours just know Tom did it. You’ll see some more art of his on some things we have planned for the near future as well as tons of other bands records, t-shirts, flyers, etc. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments and “positive feedback” from people and blogs about our demo. It’s been pretty cool. We should really try and make more of an effort to get it a little more out there, y’know?

So, have you had any labels that want to put out your material yet?

– We haven’t contacted any labels and we haven’t been contacted by any labels as of yet. I can promise you that we will be putting out a seven inch. We’re kicking around the idea of just putting one out ourselves. Of course, if a label wants to step forward and do one for us we’re certainly not going to make any arguments and would love to chat.

Have you written more material that you’re thinking of putting out and if so – are there any plans on releasing something beyond the demo?

– Right now we’ve got enough material for two seven inches. There are a number of songs that we haven’t learned as a band yet as well. We will totally be putting out more music.

Good luck with your music-making and thanks!

– Thanks for having me J!

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