Invisible Guy live over at Death Rock Radio once again!

Yes, once again I’m live over at the wonderful Deathrock Radio. This time around, the mix is three hours long. Tune in!

Track list:

1. The Sisters Of Mercy – More
2. The Fall – Australians In Europe
3. The Chameleons – Less Than Human
4. Stimmen Der Stille – Todeslied
5. Global Infantilists – An Inch Of Nothing
6. Siglo XX – Lines Of Hope
7. Shiva Burlesque – Train Mistery
8. Sardine V – Sabotage
9. Mona Mur Und Die Mieter – Ein Bisschen Frieden
10. Marc Seberg – Sans Mémoire
11. Love Club – Holding Heaven’s Hand
12. Coïtus Int. – Tourist Ghetto
13. The Danse Society – Seen The Light
14. Blood Dead And Sexy – Fingers
15. Corpus Delicti – Dancing Ghost
16. The Sisterhood – Colours
17. The Birthday Party – Nick The Stripper
18. Death Cult – Gods Zoo
19. Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr
20. The March Violets – Snake Dance
21. Soviet Sex – Walpurgis Night
22. The Sisters Of Mercy – Vision Thing
23. The Flowers For Luci – Chemical
24. The Dancing Did – Wolves Of Worcestershire
25. Die Unbekannten – Don’t Tell Me Stories
26. Marquee Moon – Don’t Go Out Tonight
27. They Fade In Silence – Misery
28. Thieves Cross – Slaughter Hotel
29. Luxembourg – Le Secret De L’ombre
30. The Cultural Decay – Brave New World
31. This Ascension – August Rain
32. Blade Fetish – Fortunato
33. Lycia – Sleepless (Original Version)
34. Bonemen Of Barumba – San Antokio
35. Ausgang – Sick Into You
36. Asmodi Bizarr – Remember Dorian
37. Cyan Revue – Frozen Fields
38. Geisterfahrer – Schatten
39. Fallen Apart – Hey Friend
40. Twisted Nerve – Gargoyle
41. For Against – Loud And Clear
42. Annabelle’s Garden – A Path Towards
43. The Damned – Torture Me
44. 45 Grave – Violent World

Review: Luxury Stranger – Nothing Holy

Pressured by the original waves of post-punk from the 70’s to the 80’s, Luxury Stranger are surely a luxurious piece of music. With a huge emphasis on two different genres, the first song “Nothing Holy” really personifies the incredible mix they’ve managed to produce. As they punch through with the first song on the single, they also bridge the gap of those two genres. Containing a large portion of pretty vocals and engaging music, from times that should’ve come back a long time ago, it also engages with the slowly progression of the song into a whirlwind of total serenity. There’s also a sense of them being what they want to be, they smash the conventions and throw in a post-punk sound that regularly and eagerly re-brands the sense of a post-punk, using a musical time-machine, pitching the futuristic and wayward sound of Luxury Stranger against the traditionalism of ye olde post-punk. Even though grunge might be my eternal anti-pole, it actually brazenly up the sound-scape a notch, to where you can actually hold it accountable for much of the wonderful sounds within it.

With the next track coming up, titled “Ripple“, it gives wailing a whole other implication. The singer sure has a lot of energy, but he also holds on to a somewhat interesting voice. Only thing that is too bad about this single is that the second song really doesn’t hold up to the first one. It starts off well and I’m impressed by the instrumentation and singing, but there’s nothing more to it. The lyrical content ain’t that inspiring either, to be frank. But there’s something enthralling about the song anyway, even though it might not be my favorite on this single. Hopefully the upcoming release will hold onto the key elements that made this single a tad better, and I also hope that it will get developed. I think you should check it out if you can, you should also download it if possible. There’s a lot of potential, but there’s something missing amidst the contrasted genres. Hopefully they’ll find it before they head on.

Pre-order the digital download if you wish or you could buy the physical version over here.