Five questions for Bad Touch Records!

Bad Touch Records is a newly started label from the US which is run by a man who also plays in Catholic Spit, which was the band that did their first release ever on the label. I asked him some questions and he answered them for me, so if you’re interested in a smaller label and some unique music at hand, you should check this questionnaire out. There are yet some releases to come, but you will get the point after viewing this. It’d be even nicer if you were into some of the edgier stuff in the hardcore and punk rock category, since the first release is all out death rock. Since I fight for the more underground stuff, I want you to enjoy this even more.

What would you say is the point of Bad Touch Records, more than the fact that your releases reflect your own interests in music?

– Well, starting a label was always a “life goal” of mine since I was maybe 16 or 17. Nothing I ever really expressed to do outwardly to anyone, just one of those ideas I always kept in my head. I’ve been in a few hardcore/punk bands, but with Catholic Spit gaining so much attention locally in southern California just from playing shows, it seemed like the opportunity was there to do a DIY release that could help launch a label. But I guess it all comes down to having fun!

Since you’ve already done a first release, which is Catholic Spit, a band you’re active in yourself – how would you say that the outcome was for that record after the creative process?

– Couldn’t be happier with the way it all came out. We sat on the recordings for well over a year before we pressed it, so I think we would have been happy with anything at this point! There’s nothing like dropping the needle on the test press for the first time and hearing it the way you meant for it to be heard.

Could you tell me anything about the upcoming releases that you’ve got planned for your label and when will we possibly see another release?

– Like I mentioned, Catholic Spit has recorded material that we just haven’t released/pressed yet. My hope is to get out a 7 song 12″ Catholic Spit LP as soon as I have some money back from the “I’m Your God Now” single. I’ve been corresponding with Olivier at Crapoulet Records in France, who was very interested in helping press the LP so early next year is my goal. After that I’ll focus my attention to other bands in my area who don’t have the resources or know how. I’d really like to do a comp incorporating the newer hardcore/punk bands around here.

What other labels have influenced you to start your own label up and what would be your ideal goal for it?

– When I was younger I’d day dream about emulating labels like SST, Dischord, Dangerhouse, Taang! Etc. All the pioneers definitely. But then when I got more interested in collecting newer vinyl records and got into bands that formed in the 2000’s-present, labels like Grave Mistake, Sorry State, No Way, Kangaroo, and Tankcrimes (just to name a few) were the ones that stood out to me and made it obvious that releasing good punk music on vinyl was still doable in this age of technology. I’d love to be a part of the larger story by giving my little bit to this world. These bands existed. They were real and they had good music to give. I’m here to make sure it’ll be documented.

Thank you for letting me ask you these questions!

– Thanks for asking J! Feel free to contact me anytime.

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