Invisible Guy on Deathrock Radio!

I just wanted to tell you all that I’ve been recruited to Deathrock Radio. Which means that I will be filling up Wednesdays with the best of post-punk, deathrock and gothic rock. My program is called “Back To The Batcave” and you can listen to me over here. You can also find the tracklist for the first program beneath. I’ve also got a category up for it too, which you can find if you click on Radio to the right and up above.


1. Bomb Party – 31st Of September
2. Cipher – Harmonic 33
3. Dead Can Dance – In Power We Entrust The Lord Advocated
4. Flesh For Lulu – Roman Candle
5. Gene Loves Jezebel – Bruises
6. Hang The Dance – Some Sacred Ground
7. Jazzateers – Sixteen Reasons
8. Le Travo – Chiaroscuro
9. Leningrad Sandwich – Meatfactory
10. Marianne Rosenberg – Rhapsodie In Blut
11. Specimen – Hex
12. The Birthday Party – Zoo-Music Girl
13. The Cult – Dreamtime
14. The Damned – Generals
15. The Opposition – My Room Is White

It appears that my first mix is also represented, so I’ll give you the tracklist of that one too.


1. Au Pairs – Tongue In Cheek
2. Alien Sex Fiend – I Think I
3. Flesh For Lulu – Black Tatoo
4. Screaming Dead – Necroaria
5. The Dancing Did – The Rhythm Section Sticks Together
6. UK Decay – Jerusalem Over
7. Ausgang – This Is Where I Was Meant To Fall
8. Evening Legions – Life On Earth
9. Kommunity FK – The Other World
10. Poppi UK – Hip-Hop Lobomoty
11. Theatre of Hate – Do You Believe In The Westworld
12. 13th Chime – Dug Up
13. The Sisterhood – Giving Ground
14. The Damned – The Eighth Day
15. 45 Grave – Evil
16. Rhythm & Faith – When The Wind Blows Love Will Die
17. Christian Death – Sleepwalk

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