Review: Sun Of Eyes – Murder Lounge

They’ve already surprised me with their other albums, but don’t stray away from that path. I’m thinking that this is one of their best yet. Playing the first track “Murder Lounge” which is a bizarre treat of The Birthday Party, as I’ve said many times earlier. Kind of their formula mixed with noise rock and a hint of traditional rock. The guttural sounds of the vocalist is not turning you off from listening to it, but the sound-scape in itself is quite a sinister treat for your eardrums as they get perforated by a large barrier of distorted sound. I think there’s a large portion of clouded mystery and there’s a sense of weird milieus. Not really strong on the tempo, but certainly when it comes to infectious behavior. The rhythms is what sway the most, in case the tiring and monotone noise is too much. There’s still a large portion of improvement that can be done to the sound-scape. In the next song “Yr So Boring” they bring a kind of lo-fi punk variation of both sinister vocals and a kind of ridiculous sound-scape at times. It could easily be put off as a no-wave song, since it incorporates a lot of those elements from that specific genre. Also one of their shortest songs on this album, which is both good and bad. I think they have too much room for the ridiculousness that didn’t fit into the chorus.

The chorus itself is very fascinating and employs a kind of song with back-up vocals that sound like the earlier days of oi punk, but without the oi in it. So the third song is up for quite a challenge this time around. It’s titled “Interlude IV” and includes a pretty boring drum-solo and doesn’t really change that much. The interesting thing about it is the riffing, which continually makes you go along with the tempo at hands and ignore the drums in the background. Since it’s only an interlude, there’s not much of a song to talk about. Don’t really know if that interlude was that necessary to be honest, but it’s a good relaxant before walking into another door of noise. The fourth track “Gasoline Smile” really brings a smile to my face, even though I at times can’t hear through the wall of noise. But there’s a sense of walking through a dark alley at night that gets conveyed through this song, there are also large doses of brutality and weirdness prevalent. The riffs are pretty sweet and the vocalist is rasping through with his voice. Like a fork on a whiteboard, it sounds messy and gives away a loud and screechy noise. But I don’t feel like there’s any structure to talk about in this song, unfortunately. Fifth song “Twenty To One” sounds pretty much like drone mixed with noise, just a tad shorter than the normal drone length.

I think they’ve done a great job with the sampling, it makes the sound-scape sound a little bit more scary than it should’ve without it. There is something about it that just conveys the dark feelings you have inside of you, with a hint of sleepiness of course. Pretty much no-wave in this song too, there’s a disorganization that is being used to their own advantage. The last song “Running Thirst” is really one of their best songs on this album, there’s a weird sense of indie rock coming together with some of the noise rock. It feels like it could’ve easily been one of the tracks on a better indie rock album, if it wouldn’t just be that repetitive. But I really dig the melody they’ve put into this song and it feels like you’re a part of something bigger. More of these tracks and less of the noise, but I like noise if it’s executed properly. What can I say, there’s a lot of things to like about this album, but it doesn’t sound as refined as their latest addition to the family. I’m talking about their latest album “Serpent Demon Evil Fuck“. So, yeah, at times a pretty interesting album but not that intriguing.

You can buy it or download it for free over here if you want to.

My New Fascination (Special Ed. 1): Coïtus Int. – Dead Excitement E.P. (Re-Issue)

This is a special-edition of My New Fascination which is directed at the wonderful guy who owns Bunkerpop. It will contain one of two reviews, one of the re-issued version of Coïtus Int. first release “Dead Excitement E.P.” but also of Null And Void and their brand new release of material recorded in between 1981-1982 titled “Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts)“, which will be featured in Special Ed. 2. In this edition, I’ll go through the Coïtus Int. re-issue. You should support Bunkerpop by venturing over to his website and ordering these two gems, which will aid the label-owner in his quest of seeking out and preserving old gems.

Coïtus Int. – Dead Excitement E.P. (Re-Issue)

Ever wanted to hear the first phase of Coïtus? With their own unimaginably quirky, but dark version of punk. This was way before they ever got into the more alternative-sounding new-wave kitsch. I must say that I’m impressed about the sound, it’s been improved a lot. There are still some questionable noise, but that’s how they were originally. A gradual improvement from the original 7¨, it’s just that our postal service don’t handle these gems that well, so that might be why. However, the first song “Run To The Station” is a piece of interesting punk. Totally different from the later Coïtus Int., packing much more of a punch and an attitude of apathy. Pretty much sounds like some of our old school punk from Sweden, they’ve got some of that scandi-sound. But I think they’ve adopted the general punk-attitude from the regions of the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the likes of it. They had a sharper and more odd edge to their sound than anyone else, especially when it comes to punk.

Not so comparable to the UK, Sweden or the US for that matter. But I like the sharp blend of different attitudes from different countries, when it comes to sound and the darker edge delivered in this song. A pretty straight-forward one at that, too. I believe that the second track “I Shouldn’t Go” is a predecessor to their later post-punk sound, here you can hear the blend of both punk attitude and the more baseline driven post-punk that came with their first release. There’s also some kind of new-wave edge to it in the background at least, but they’ve kept the darker punk sound throughout. It’s got a much tighter sound, since there’s a high prevalence of both these genres in this song. Also, it might not be as straight-forward as the first song, but it surely sounds perfectly fitting on the same side. I feel like there’s a huge slab of timelessness attached to this song, it’s better than the counterpart on this side, which is the first song. It’s because I think it delivers that notion of what’s to come, but still keeps the playfulness. The first song is more of a basic, straight-forward blend of different punk-sounds. But the great thing about this song is that it keeps the punk-edge going later on, as it embargoes on a rock-oriented trip through punk as it would’ve been played at the start of the 80’s, still very much influenced by the 77′-punk sound.

The other side of the coin, namely the B-Side, continues in what I think is a morphed version of post-punk. With more straight-forward and apathetic punk-influences. First song “Trap Questions” really sounds like something that could’ve easily been a classic in the UK. As it speeds up to the tempo of punk, it releases an avalanche of hurt, but with the same instrumentation throughout. The catchy rhythms and melodies is what keeps this beast afloat and ensures what could be a classic endeavor of the early UK-punk sound. But there’s a noticeable difference to it, since they’ve had their own touch on it. I think the accent is charming, even more charming than a regular UK-sounding punk record. It brings a whole other dimension to the track, it also feels like it should be bordering to a whole other genre. Quickly reminding me of all the great cold wave classics out there, which surely have been the case with Coïtus later on but is developed through this phase of their lifetime.

Next up the track “Dry Up Soon” keeps up the tempo and ravages every sound-canal available, as the noisiness of the vocalist is portrayed throughout the sound-scape in an utmost menacing way. There is still a long way to go, but it seems like they’ve been more concentrated on the structure of the songs rather than a basic punk-template of fast and furious. Even though there might not be much variation, there’s a sense of things ending the further in to it you get, as can be felt with the last track “On The Escalator” which turns up the tempo a little bit and puts away the slowly developing post-punk pastiche and puts on the punk-overall and just starts shouting at the wall. A perfect ending for an almost perfect E.P., which I hoped of hearing sometime. I have been stuck with their first release on vinyl, which didn’t really have much of the earlier punk-vibe to it. But now that I’ve heard this release, I can feel how this have influenced their first self-titled record. There are remnants of the old Coïtus smeared on the wall, but no matter how you picture it, they’re still as great as a punk-outfit.

You can and should buy this record over at Bunkerpop, you’ll find the link over here.

Invisible Guy on Deathrock Radio!

I just wanted to tell you all that I’ve been recruited to Deathrock Radio. Which means that I will be filling up Wednesdays with the best of post-punk, deathrock and gothic rock. My program is called “Back To The Batcave” and you can listen to me over here. You can also find the tracklist for the first program beneath. I’ve also got a category up for it too, which you can find if you click on Radio to the right and up above.


1. Bomb Party – 31st Of September
2. Cipher – Harmonic 33
3. Dead Can Dance – In Power We Entrust The Lord Advocated
4. Flesh For Lulu – Roman Candle
5. Gene Loves Jezebel – Bruises
6. Hang The Dance – Some Sacred Ground
7. Jazzateers – Sixteen Reasons
8. Le Travo – Chiaroscuro
9. Leningrad Sandwich – Meatfactory
10. Marianne Rosenberg – Rhapsodie In Blut
11. Specimen – Hex
12. The Birthday Party – Zoo-Music Girl
13. The Cult – Dreamtime
14. The Damned – Generals
15. The Opposition – My Room Is White

It appears that my first mix is also represented, so I’ll give you the tracklist of that one too.


1. Au Pairs – Tongue In Cheek
2. Alien Sex Fiend – I Think I
3. Flesh For Lulu – Black Tatoo
4. Screaming Dead – Necroaria
5. The Dancing Did – The Rhythm Section Sticks Together
6. UK Decay – Jerusalem Over
7. Ausgang – This Is Where I Was Meant To Fall
8. Evening Legions – Life On Earth
9. Kommunity FK – The Other World
10. Poppi UK – Hip-Hop Lobomoty
11. Theatre of Hate – Do You Believe In The Westworld
12. 13th Chime – Dug Up
13. The Sisterhood – Giving Ground
14. The Damned – The Eighth Day
15. 45 Grave – Evil
16. Rhythm & Faith – When The Wind Blows Love Will Die
17. Christian Death – Sleepwalk