Harvesting #11: Trying to be me – why can’t you see? [Part II, Demos]

Welcome to the demo-version of Harvesting #11, which is Part II. This was intended to be a part with bands that aren’t in the demo-stage and have released something beyond that. But then I got a little bit sidelined by my own time and effort that I put into these series, so I decided for myself that this particular edition would be devoted for the sole purpose of promoting and reviewing some of the demo-bands we have out there that fit under the category of hardcore and punk. This means that Part III will contain some of your dearly beloved bands and will be a special part in itself. Since I have no more time on my hands as of today, I’ll give you the following bands: Stab Me Kill Me, Distract and First Failure. Every single of these bands have only put out their first demo and therefore they will be included in this part. I’m hoping to continue with that, if I find even more demos. But you’ll have to live with these bands until the day I release Part III which hopefully will be released by tomorrow if that’s possible, otherwise I’ll release that part the day after tomorrow. Enjoy this one.

Welcome to the premiere of the “demo-lounge“, this tiny space of ours will be dedicated to demos only and also those that I’m not really fond of, but gets a place anyway. Check it out and pick your cherries from the pie, because it might be oh-so-deliciously good for your taste buds. Yummy, yum!?

Stab Me Kill Me – Demo

New in this edition is the demo-lounge, in which I review newly released demos or those demos that were released this year. First song on the demo “No Ledge” is a nice contrast to the more grim sphere of punk and hardcore. With focus on melodies and rhythms that make you think about it afterwards. There are interesting vocals and everything heads on in a straight pattern, but without the basic crap that can be utilized. I sense a little bit of thought in this music and that’s what makes it better than most of the demos I’ve listened to. Also, it’s not just focused on the melodic parts of it, it’s actually got a sound-scape that just reeks of hardcore influences. Another nice song on this demo is the song “Good As Gone” where I like the vocalist even more. It’s got that typical garage feeling to it also, which doesn’t leave much to ask for.

There’s a feel-good vibe to the music and the drumming in this song is without a doubt one of the best things in this particular song as it pinpoints what’s good about the song. I’d listen to this song if I were about to hop on some trains and do it the old-fashioned way like hobos. The last song on the demo “Lemon Party” is also a song that I like very much, it’s got a lot of tempo and goes in a higher speed than the rest of the songs and it’s just a pepped up song. If I were to go out on a Friday-night, I’d tune in to this song before getting out. I also sense some influences from the more wicked punk-side of the coin, almost in the horror punk direction. I can also sense that there are some melodies that remind me of the great deathrock bands that have done their thing back in the days. Since I always use the Hex Dispensers as reference these days, I can sense a little bit of their greatness in this band too. Overall a good record which deserves more recognition for its unconventional method, hammering itself in a place between the harder side of hardcore and the more melodic side.

Download it from their bandcamp or give them money and download it if you wish.

Distract – Demo

First I thought they were totally out of tune, but then I thought of it as a semi-melodic attempt at hardcore. In the first song “New Outlook“, I sense them wanting to grasp some of the older influences in hardcore. Sounds very classic to me, and for some reason they decided to go with some drums that don’t seem to be that tight. But I think that just adds up to the sound-scape and creates a more alternative version of hardcore, maybe something that could be expanded in the future if they put out more material. There’s definitely that “new”-edge to it and it sounds pretty experimental to me. Maybe I’m being tricked by the sound-scape, but it sounds pretty good for a demo and it also has some strengths, but at the same time weaknesses. I think the drums are too weak in the mix, but on the other hand, they add up to a whole other dimension to the sound-scape and the other instruments as well. Making them a little bit more out of context, but also essential in creating the sound-scape as a whole.

In the song “Breast Is Best“, there’s a whole lot of naivety to the song and the band as a whole. I don’t know if that’s their position, but it sounds pretty much in that manner. The song makes me pretty indecisive when it comes to reviewing it, because it sounds pretty basic, yet employs some of the more unseen punk-oriented feeling as a whole. There have been a lot of bands just trying to expand and make their music more technical, but I like how this band takes it back to the roots in some ways. On the other hand, it is their demo and this is probably just a first output so they can decide where they should head next. I like how the vocalist sounds totally apathetic and repetitive in the song “Choices“, and so does the sound-scape as a whole. There are some things to this demo that I don’t like in particular, but it sounds interestingly enough for me, so I don’t want to dismiss it. The strengths surpass the weaknesses for this demo and I would advise you to listen through it when you can.

Head over to their bandcamp and download it or give them money for it.

First Failure – Demo

Hm, I would be totally on the line for this one. It’s garnered some well-deserved hate from me, but also love in some weird way. The song “On The Line” on this demo sounds very outrageous to say the least, there’s a lot of noisy and screechy punk. When I hear the singer’s voice, it sounds like a teenage uproar. But maybe that’s what I like about this, even though it’s some basic stuff to say the least, both instrumentally and vocally. At the same time as I both hate and love the vocalist, I must say that the sound-scape as a whole makes up for it. I like the basic and I like how it makes me cringe, and it sounds punk as fuck, but it could be a little bit more engaging to listen to. Since I’m pretty tired of the tightness at times, I believe this could still my munchies. This could be something I’d listen to and appreciate if I were very, very drunk.

Feels like it sometimes borders to pure power violence, at least if you’d have to believe the vocalist in this instance. I would say that it doesn’t when it comes to the instrumentation, but I’d love if they drove up the tempo a notch. Could be the invention of a whole new genre, you could call it “snooze-punk“. But I must say that it’s refreshing that they don’t really care about the conventions and just do it old-school style, pick up the instruments and go at it. It’s specifically noticeable in the song “Out of Luck“, which really makes all I’ve said above very true. Even though I half of the time dislike it, I am fascinated about the contrast in between the riffing, drumming and the singer’s brutal enthusiasm. I’d urge them to continue with what they’re doing, maybe they’ll manage to pull it off even better with the next release. After all, it’s a demo and that’s how they can sound. Hopefully you’ll heed the call and practice even more, but I mean, this is punk – so what the hell, go for it!

You can download it for free or give them some money over here at their bandcamp.

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