Harvesting #9: Something in between but not too far away! [Part I]

So I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this. I know that you just love the Harvesting. Before I get too egoistical, you should know that there’s only one edition left until I’ve done this ten times. This wasn’t really supposed to happen to begin with, but I decided that I wanted something new and fresh. Something consistent yet interesting, something that wouldn’t be crappy. When I think of how the bigger magazines get money for what they do, it makes me sick to my stomach, because most of their material isn’t even worthy a read. Therefore, I give you this, totally free. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this edition too, as it consists of the following bands and one of their releases: Martial Canterel, Belgrado and Brusque Twins. Move in, settle down and make yourself a cup of tea. Or have some dark coffee, some very dark coffee. Welcome to the ninth edition of Harvesting, where you’ll get the best of unpopular cultural phenomenons and music.

Martial Canterel – Empire

Swooping up the forgotten cold-wave sound and engraving their logo within it. A finely coordinated rhythm that persuades you to join in and start to move. First song “No Contact” is really the first introduction to that description, making it a good starter. The music fits perfectly into the general field of minimal synth meets cold wave. A vocally-oriented and melodic journey from bottom to top, with dark baselines and melodramatic symphonies. As could be felt with the second song on the album, titled “Kiev Park“. Which almost feels like a throwback of 90’s influences meeting the colorful 80’s. There’s also a measurable amount of up-tempo intrigues that can be find in this music, and it also employs some of the lo-fi elements to sound believable. In a scarce and desolate landscape which would be too far away to even rub you on the back. Instead, they manage to touch the inner feelings with an approach that should be used more frequently. The vocally-driven, yet tasteful minimalism, and shy performance that it is. Standing on the line between “too much” and “too little“, balancing like a circus-act in between the two firm categories. Overall an album worthy of more praise than its gotten so far, and also worthy of a continuation. There’s much more to discover and some things feel like they’re missing.

Drive your virtual car and park it at their station. They’ll re-fuel it with some of the goodness from this album, but it will cost you 7.99 euros. You’ll be one of the luckier ones to receive a limited and hand-numbered CD containing six pretty different tracks, each with their own charming intonation. So, drive it over there and return with your new addition. Do also check out his other releases before you close your browser and enjoy the mail you’re getting in the upcoming days. You can find it over here.

Belgrado – Panopticon / Vicious Circle 7¨

There’s always a joyful feeling in finding one of those bands you didn’t know exist. It’s goth rock from the old-school to the new-school. With heavy influences from both the death rock department and post-punk. While listening to the first song on the single, “Vicious Circle“, it becomes totally clear that they’re seriously great in what they do. Interestingly enough, they play around with the feedback of the vocalist and manage to incorporate the kind of melodies and rhythms heard in pre-1990’s goth rock reign. It’s melodic in itself, but not boring from that aspect. Still sounds fairly underground and mix in well with the rest of the sound-scape. It seems like they’ve focused a lot on the percussion itself, because the rhythms in there are totally gorgeous. The aesthetics themselves fit in very well with the per-disposed picture I had of them and I get even more impressed when I realize that this is totally D.I.Y. The second song “Panopticon” is more baseline-driven than the first song and show just how much they’ve managed to develop since their first release. Galloping drums, mystical baselines and nocturnal vocals. Everything you’d ever want from the old school, yet taken into a whole other direction rather than mimicking the old. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s even remotely fascinated by the goth and death-rock sound, molded into a modern piece of art.

You should buy it, or else you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Head on over to their bandcamp and listen to it, because it will be able to buy in the nearest future. However, you can buy their first release over here. One of the more anticipated bands for myself, since I discovered them. So venture over to their bat caves and join them in their struggle for a more goth and post-punk environment.

Brusque Twins – A Voice In The Night

The perfect catalyst of dance music and minimal synth. At least I think so, but it’s more than just that. There’s some kind of mellow feeling that I receive, when listening to the first track “Speaking In Colour“. I must say that there are a lot of things happening at the same time and the music is very loud to begin with, but somehow the soothing synths take me up in the sky. I think there’s a great contrast in between the sound-scapes bombastic sound and its almost angelic feeling. A kind of familiar connection in between, which shapes up the whole thought of the sound-scape. Never on the verge of being lo-fi, and on the edge of being too much. Like a finely woven piece of wool, it keeps enhancing itself, layer by layer. I also think that the female vocals make it all better, because the vocalist isn’t bad when she performs. There’s perfection all the way through, which is very noticeable in the second track “Wait For Me“. It feels kind of nostalgic, but it instills some kind of appreciation of here and now, rather than being too nostalgic. I think they’ve managed to modernize the way I look at minimal synth also, they’ve taken out the experimental ground of it and gotten rid of the almost mandatory lo-fi sound-scape. I also like the repetitiveness, since it doesn’t feel static. The sound-scape is almost always moving in one direction, but there’s a lot of things happening along the way. A great addition in your library and definitely something you should look into getting.

Go over to their bandcamp and check out their other albums. Do also head over to their label Visage Musique, to buy yourself a limited edition CD. It’s limited to 150 copies and costs 6 pounds to buy. Then you’ll get six tranquil songs that will change a little bit of your mind, time after time again. If you don’t like that, you could always get a digital-only download for 5 dollars on their bandcamp.

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