Suffer The Pain – The Last Massacre

The cover to this mean beast is pretty dark and crust-oriented. It feels like they’ve gone with the flow when it comes to covers. But I think there’s a huge difference with this one, it looks very mean. Not that other covers “in the same genre” don’t look evil, but there’s something really menacing within this one. The minimalistic and less detailed soldier, holding a machete and a skull. I think it’s fair to say that you’d recognize what you’re getting into when looking at the cover, it’s a fairly good representation of what’s awaiting you. I also like the cover because it’s pretty stylistically pure and fits great in the collection of cassettes that I’ve made to get my hands on. Also, I don’t think their cover could be any different, and when I saw the cover of their first cassette, it feels like its following a theme of some sort. Great work on this cover, I like it a lot.

1. Apocalypse Approaching

Starting off with the first track on this cassette, namely: Apocalypse Approaching. It starts off with the obligatory d-beat, smashing through your head, but intrinsically leaving me with a bland expression on my face. This song certainly doesn’t leave its mark in the beginning. Even though the d-beat is pretty nice, I don’t really feel any power until I’m left amidst the chorus. After that, I start my obligatory headbang. At first glance, it might not be the best song out there, and it seems to follow the same formula the other d-beat bands follow. But when I get further into the song, I notice that they leave place for more rock-oriented riffing. So it’s not solely based on the concept of total destruction, but they actually have some interesting rock and metal influences in it too. Since I’m listening to it on cassette, the sound-scape is pretty lo-fi, considering how it could’ve been. I must say that it’s only a positive thing, because it brings out the raw atmosphere that’s been brewing below for some time. Even though I’d like to hear something more, I’m not instantly impressed by this song, but after giving it a couple of listens; I must say that it’s pretty good. Not great, but good.

2. Only Death

Continuing with the next song, titled: Only Death. I’m noticing a pretty radical change when it comes to melody and formula, I’m enticed by the intro. It actually sounds like something that could’ve come out of a death-thrash record, but without the thrash influences. The crustiness of this song is unbelievable, and it surely doesn’t leave itself unnoticed as it introduces itself. Fast drums, nice intermezzo and interesting change of pace. As it transgresses into a new area, the sound changes somewhat, but keeps the crustiness. Seems like they’re determined to be fast, furious and fucking punk. I kind of like the whirlwind riffing, as if it’s about to take you down with it into a huge maelstrom. Another good thing about it is that it’s pretty catchy, even though they try to not be. I’ve already got the main riff in my head and for some kind of reason I want to turn it into some kind of black-metal thingy. Even though I know it’s more in between metal and punk, than the opposite. I must say that the work put into this song, even though it’s pretty short, is worthwhile. Hopefully the upcoming songs will be as interesting to begin with, in the middle and in the end. All-in-all, a fucking furious song, but also a nicely sounding one with catchy riffing.

3. Gore Of Reality

Next stop on this cassettes “A-Side” is the song Gore of Reality. It might not be such a great endeavor musically, but the riff is as catchy as in the song prior to this one. What I’ve noticed in this song that makes it “move” better than the others, is the fucking menacing and devilishly sounding “choir” that makes it’s appearance in the chorus. But the thing is, I notice that it’s pretty hurriedly made, even though the riffs are pretty nice. Something is missing though, besides the lyrical department. However, I think this song stands the test of the A-Side on this album, because it’s a good song to end with. Rapid, short and full of insanity. There’s really not much more to say about this song, but it captures a lost essence that I haven’t really gotten from the earlier songs and that’s the vocals. It makes a huge difference in this song and balances the sound-scape on its shoulders, it also makes it so much more evil and I’m guessing that it’s a place where these guys want to get to. They’ve managed to do that, sort of. I’m hoping that they’ll stick with it and develop even more throughout.

4. Headed For Extinction

Now we’re on the B-Side of this cassette, which is a nice touch, I think. Makes me feel like I’m listening to a vinyl record. This song is called: Headed For Extinction. The rhythmic section in the beginning of this song is awesome, it reminds me of the older death-metal acts that have been around for a long time. It sounds very old-school and quickly makes it’s way up to tempo with the other songs. I think the drummer is one hell of a beast when it comes to managing the different parts and keeping up with the tempo, he never makes one single mistake and keeps it very tight. That can also be said about the rest of them, but I’m really not dropping my jaw on this one. Since I’m not a great fan of punching the shit out of the instruments as fast as you can, with almost no other measure of pleasure, I think it can get pretty bland at times. With that said, this song is one of the more OK songs on the cassette, nothing more and nothing less. One plus would be the drummer and the vocalist, the riffing really isn’t that much interesting. It may make me nod at times, but that’s about it.

5. Buried Alive

Closing in on the end of this cassette, but don’t be sad! This is not the last song, it’s the fifth one of sixth. Titled: Buried Alive. I must give it to them, they have this kind of intensity that you don’t see that much anymore. An intensity that leaves everyone ashamed, because they should know better. If other bands had this intensity, things would be much better. Chaotic riffing, masterful drumming and a totally evil vocalist – what more could you want in this kind of metal and punk realm? Nothing! I think they’ve made it more interesting in this short song, because they’ve included a much more varied space in which they latch out at each other. I wouldn’t say that it’s total chaos, I’d say that it’s pretty much an organized chaos. Fucking great song nevertheless, I’ve never liked metal blended with punk, but I’m starting to revise my judgement. Great song overall and a nice addition with the different passages in it, the riffing is also cool in this one and leaves me with a last song to criticize, haha. I’m hoping for more.

6. The Last Massacre

Ok, guys and girls, boys and nannies – it’s time for the last song: The Last Massacre. By the time I’m getting into this d-beat, punk and metal madness, I’m at the last song. Even though I think the 6-song cassette is a good setup. In this song, the riffs are turned up a notch and the tempo is furiously high. I’m really fucking surprised with the riffs, because it seems like they’re even more advanced this time. There’s a real edge to it also, fast and furious metal-riffing with no pretensions whatsoever. Just mangling away and crushing my ears. Since I know this is not really my cup of tea, the head-on mangle, I must give it to them. I think they’ve displayed a pretty good variation when it comes to riffing, the vocals and the drums. Sad part about it is that I had just gotten used to it when it ended, so I wanted more in the vein of the last two songs. Even though I like a lot of variation myself, they are ambiguous and were pretty multifaceted anyway. I know that the point of this kind of music isn’t to be extremely varied, but I kind of loose myself when everything almost sounds alike. It took me some time to get used to it, but then I could appreciate it more. Good work you guys, I’m hoping you’ll release something new in the meantime. I suggest you get it and make up your own mind, because it’s worth it.

Favorite songs: Buried Alive and The Last Massacre

Label: Krigstejp

Pressing: Limited to 100x

My final judgement: 3.5/5

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