hyDrone – Regeneration

It came with an awfully industrial-looking piece of wooden goodness which looks like a gearwheel. A nice touch to an otherwise boring and bland universe of different CD’s and Vinyls. I now understand why the label specializes in packaging more than anything else, because it adds up to an otherwise pretty forgotten dimension. The uniqueness of this addition can be felt when you’re holding it in your hand and when you get to see the wonderful mechanism, where you can “scroll” the gearwheel up and down in a range of motion that gearwheels do when they’re included in a whole system. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it was fun to do it for a while and after I’ve loosened the bolt a little bit, a wonderful 7-inch fell into my hands and was ready to play in my vinyl-player. Also, the fact that it’s a cogwheel that you spin around instead of opening it with a screwdriver, adds another nice touch to the experience that is both listening to it and seeing the package opening before you. Hopefully this will serve as a catalyst for other labels, to do the same thing, because if they did people would be all over the place to buy from you.

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