Portoguese duo Sturqen’s latest self-released album RAIA for free!

I got a mail from this duo, consisting of David Arantes and César Rodrigues. They’d like to notify you all that their latest self-released album RAIA is downloadable for free on their bandcamp. If you didn’t know about this duo, you’ll know it while reading this. They’ve won two prizes on the 2011 Qwartz Electronic Music Awards, crowned in the following categories: “The Best Artist” and “Discovery“, for their digital EP titled Peste.

Since they started out in 2009, they’ve released two EP’s and three albums. A big thank you to Sturqen for liking the work I put into this blog, also a big thank you to them for contacting me about a release of theirs. I like promoting artists that are creative and my main focus have always been to be there for the “little guy“. So do check out all their albums and download their latest album from their Bandcamp.

A preview of the album can be found over here:

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