My New Fascination: Malaria* / Die Hausfrauen – New-York Berlin

Malaria* / Die Hausfrauen – New-York Berlin

I had never ever heard of this album, when I listened to some tracks at YouTube and picked it up virtually. Unfortunately that also meant that the Malaria-side of it was missing and the only side I could listen to was the Die Hausfrauen-side. First, I thought this was some kind of German act or attempt at experimental new-wave, but that wasn’t the case since they sang in american-english dialect and were utterly amazing. So I could see why they would have some interest in Berlin since I think a rough number of experimental acts were prominent there. However, this particular album was a starter for me to get into the more obscure acts of the 80’s. At least when you see it from the cheesy new-wave perspective, whereas this was an act that were new-wave but had a much more no-wave attitude and approach (musically) to the new-wave sound.

Since then, I have discovered a lot of acts that use German names and they’re all pretty good. I don’t believe that I have ever been disappointed with one, and certainly not with those bands that are from the US. Well, let’s talk a little bit more about the album, shall we? The section is divided unequally, leaving Malaria with three tracks which I’m not even going to cover. Because I’m focusing on the Die Hausfrauen part of this album. So, they’ve got five songs on this album consisting of these tracks (in numerical order): Suburban Incest (Harry’s Song), Defunkt Hunk, Midnight Rain, Belevue Affair and She’s My Destruction.

The thing that got me into the music of Die Hausfrauen, more than the name, was the fact that the songs are so varied. Everything from Belevue Affair which is more synth-oriented, to the more overtly “lighter” yet dark song She’s My Destruction which scales down the instruments and make room for quirky, semi-speedy saxophone love amidst the weird sound-scape. To the more catchy and post-punkish song Defunkt Hunk which also uses a lot of saxophone and the likes of it, yet introduces a new set of post-punk meet new-wave funkiness. The song Suburban Incest (Harry’s Song) reminds me a lot of Belevue Affair, but with a more minimalistic and downtempo feeling to it. It’s got some grim lyrics also, which got me hooked right away. Last song Midnight Rain feels almost like the song She’s My Destruction, minus the quirkiness and plus the no-wave touch to it all. It’s maybe not no-wave all the way, but certainly, vocally, supports that thesis wholeheartedly.

And remember! Sometimes the B-Side can kick it too. Do also remember that Vera Beren surely is a revolutionary vocalist in many ways.

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