Five questions for There Are No Words!

I stumbled across a band called There Are No Words. Found their music to be very interesting and intriguing, so I decided to contact one of them. They play post-rock with some ambient influences, and this is currently their first EP release ever. So if you’re interested in them, you should check them out on Facebook and check out their music below. I asked Patrick Smith from the band five questions and you’ll get to know this band a little bit more and you’ll get to know how they went by to make the EP. They’re currently unsigned, so labels; you know what to do!

Could you tell me a little bit about yourselves, why did you choose the name There Are No Words and what’s your story?

– We all met at the same college where we were studying audio engineering/production (The Institute Of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota, also known as IPR). The name started off as a hypothetical name to  describe the genres we listen to that focus on primarily instrumental music (such as Math-Rock or Post-Rock).

Eventually it became a running joke among the members of the band, and when it came time to think of a band name, we couldn’t find anything else that we enjoyed as much, so the name stuck.

What kind of development did you want to achieve with your first EP titled Pando?

– For our very first release, we were just trying to establish our sound more than anything. We were also set on having a professional sounding/quality product when finished.

How was the creative process in the making of it, what was the hardest part about it and what was the easiest?

– The creative process came through having many inconsistent practices and trying to write our first ever material. We were asked to play a show by our friends’ band, and around this time we had been getting in to the cycle of having regular practices, so we said we would be glad to play.

The hardest part about writing was the stress of trying to have enough songs to be able to fill our half-hour time slot at our first show. There wasn’t really an easy part in the creative process considering we had the pressure of trying to write all this material in a month, and then making sure we were ready to perform it live, especially since there were members of the band who had never even played a show before.

What kind of aesthetic influenced the cover of this album and what is the general thought behind it?

– We ended up sending the record once it was completed to our friend Michael Egan who did all of the artwork. We discussed how we wanted the name of the EP to be Pando. Pando is the name of one of the world’s oldest living organisms (around 80,000 years old). It’s a collection of Quaking Aspens that share the same underground root system and is estimated to weigh about 6,600 short tons.

The name is Latin for “I Spread”, and the organism itself is often referred to as the “The Trembling Giant”. Mike then drew up some sketches with this information in mind while listening to the EP, and sent us back the rough drafts he had completed. We liked the pieces he sent to us so much that we ended up using them all.

Thank you for wanting to be on Invisible Guy! Do you have anything else to say?

– We would just like to say Thank You to Invisible Guy for being interested in our music and taking the time to help support us. With that being said, check us out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, listen to our music, and if you like it, download it for free, and definitely pass it along to anyone you know who would appreciate it. “Like” us on Facebook to keep in touch as well.

Listen to it and download it for free over here:

Or if you prefer Soundcloud:

You can also find them over here:




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