Barren Womb – On the Origin of Fæces 10¨

The Cover?

A menacing cover, showering you with the smell of dead and rotten corpses. Barren Womb decided to have the corpse on their front page, with a less intriguing and unenthusiastic look than ever. Well, guess what? It seems like she’s semi-dead or that she’s just had her last breath. The rest of the cover is ridden with a smoky layer of dimming lights, some grayness and overall a very dark cover. What I feel when I look at it is that it might be some kind of crossover act, since they’ve apparently crossed over a lot of influences and made it their cover. For instance, the lettering and the overall atmosphere is very different depending on where you choose to lay your eyes. There’s a sense of doom there too, which is grasping for the dagger to put me down with. Or maybe trying to invite me to a decadent dance-party, with skeletons, bats and dead corpses. Hopefully I’ll get some clearance in this matter, so let’s continue with the songs.

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Interview with Other Voices Records!

Other Voices Records is both an independent label and a mail-order from Russia, rising from the ashes of the pioneering post-industrial/ambient label Tantric Harmonies. It was first titled Intuition Records but was later renamed. Musically, they don’t limit themselves to genres, the only requirements are that you should be a creative artist. The name itself is derived from a classic post-punk song by The Cure, and a homage to both the band and that particular song. There’s much going on in means of productiveness and their releases are featured as downloadable, CD, tape and vinyl. Which gives a good range to the releases. Artists and bands featured on this label is everything from Nagamatzu to Venus In Furs. With that said, they’ve got a wide range of genres represented on their label. I took some time to interview Oleg from this label, both about the releases but also the history of the label as a whole and much more.

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