Rättens Krater – Stora Stöten 7¨ (2012)

The Cover?

There’s two men digging a grave, or could it be something else? I don’t really know, but the cover seems to be more on the cartoonish side when it comes to the letters. But then again, it seems to be somewhat poetic too. I like the flames over the “ä” and the black and white cover. There seems to be a lot of punk to this record, but at the same time melancholia. Maybe they’re digging some kind of grave to hide the goods they stole? After all, “Stora Stöten” means “The Big Hit“, as if they’d rob a bank or something. The vague shape of the two men digging is enough to instill some kind of noir feeling to it overall, with minimalistic hints here and there. Even though there’s an excess of white color, the colors blend together in a good way, it’s just that the edges seem a bit large to be honest. But maybe that was done on purpose, I don’t know.

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