Check your level because here’s Glucose!

A top-notch IDM-producer/DJ from Denver in the United States, whom also goes by his real name Ben Gleason. So, since we like to keep up the tempo at times over here, I’d recommend this too. Some of the greatest IDM/D’n’B I’ve heard for a while and the first song that inspired me to write about this is the song called Bring It Back from the EP titled Telepathic Octopus that I’ll be linking below. There’s a sublime touch to it which brings out the aquatic theme from the cover to the music. Almost as if you’d be traveling high-speed below surface to one of the futuristic Atlantis environment. That’s if they’d be keen on having raves down there, but anyway, check it out.

Something Urban about Wolves in Sacramento!

Yes, that’s correct. They’re called Urban Wolves and they’re from Sacramento. The band consists of Jordan Wolfe (bass/vocals), Lys Mayo (guitar/vocals) and Adam Jennings (drums/vocals). Putting out some interesting material lately, one called Tour EP with five songs. Some great post-punk and punk action in these songs and well worthy a listen, it was a long time ago I heard something as tight as this. There are some great songs on there, I recommend them all but certainly recommend the songs Farewell and Staying for the Credits even more.