Interview with Jogging House!

Jogging House might not be something special at the first glimpse, but once you delve beneath and actually start listening to his music, you know he’s serious about what he’s doing and it’s actually very unique. The man behind the alter-ego is Boris Potschubay, he lives in Frankfurt am Main. He creates a special touch with his R&B-music by including some subliminal ambient elements to it and a lo-fi sound-scape. It’s not really a widely used combination and he does it with such grace that it’s a pleasure to listen to every track. Since he was included in the mixtape that Beläten made for me, I hooked up with him and asked him a bunch of questions. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading this and looking at the wonderful pictures.

Tell me more about the background of Jogging House, who are you and why did you pick that name?

– My name is Boris Potschubay. I’m 29 years old and am living in Frankfurt am Main. The name Jogging House comes from the German word for sweatpants “Jogging Hose”, which is what I’m wearing mostly while making music. I just added an “u” to make it sound more international and leave some room for interpretation.

How did you get into music in the first place, what was the catalyst that made you create music yourself?

– I’ve been tinkering with electronic music equipment since many years but mostly just for myself. I was mainly focused on sampling when I started producing music. The thought that I could create whole albums out of old vinyl and other sound sources was very inspiring to me. Besides that I’m just super fascinated by all those blinking machines. Turning them on, simply makes me happy. Even though it took quite a while til’ I learned to really use them.

What would you say is the essence of lo-fi R&B, it sounds like quite an unusual combination all-together?

– Yeah, I guess it is. For me, it’s all about the vocal chops. It’s my version of classic pop music. Tunes about love, slowed down and drowned into reverb and delay.

Since you’re inspired by the 80’s, which pop-stars of that age have made the most impact on you and which one of those are the most underrated ones?

– There are many artists I really love: Prince, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Spandau Ballet, Talking Heads. As I was a kid when they were really popular, I don’t really know, who was underrated or not. But I feel kinda bad for Rick Astley since “Never gonna give you up” became an internet joke. It’s simply a killer tune.

You’ve been featured on Vinyl for the first time, congratulations! Also, you’ve made the Noorden mixtape 7. Could you tell me more about this, how did it all happen?

– Thanks. Although this vinyl is a very very limited issue, it feels good to be on wax. I met Alex from through the OP-1 forum, which is crazy mini synth/sampler/workstation from Teenage Engineering. Since then I worked with Noorden from time to time. The label started about the same time as Jogging House did, so it is great to see that things are working out nicely. The mixtape was aspecially fun for me since I got to look through my vast music library to find some gems not everybody may know.

As if that isn’t enough, you’re also featured on the compilation “Rumble when Bumble”, could you tell me more about the track you put on there? Also, what’s good about it?

– All tracks on the compilation were solely made with the OP-1. It’s great to see what different kinds of music can be made with the same gear. My track on there works like most of my tunes but maybe this one is a little darker, hard to say. The nice thing about this compilation was that I had a page in the booklet to fill as well. So I wrote down the “lyrics” of my tune. They aren’t the real lyrics, just what I kept hearing after some time. I hope that added a little extra irritation to the mix.

It seems like you’ve gained quite a lot of attention since you started out, what’s the best words you’ve received and have there been any negative emotions? How have you been received by bloggers and critics?

– I’ve received some lovely feedback since I started to share my music. And actually I never heard anything negative, hope it keeps that way. Recently a follower of mine made a video for one of my tracks, which I think is totally awesome. The fact that my music inspired someone to create something is like the best compliment ever. When my last EP came out, quite a few blogs said some nice things about it. I spend a lot of time reading blogs and searching for new music. To find my own jams on there is simply a dream come true.

I like your videos that accompany some of your tracks, but where have you gotten the inspiration from? What kinds of aesthetics influence you the most?

– With my videos I try to capture the same feel as with my tunes. They are all a bit vague, slowed down and foggy. I’m not trying to tell a story but to capture some emotions. And I feel that the colors and aesthetics of the old footage fit my sound quite well. But I actually don’t really know anything about film editing so most results are just accidental.

If we concentrate more on your debut album, “Foreplay” and compare it to your latest EP titled “Relations”, in what way do they resemble each other and in what direction were you heading musically, between the time of your debut and the release of “Relations”?

– The main difference between those is the concept behind them. “Foreplay” was almost completely made with samples from the radio while lying on the sofa. For “Relations” I used all my equipment and made all sounds but the vocals and drums with my synthesizers. I feel that it has a bigger sound and more complex grooves. But I think that they both carry the same vibe – at least I hope they do. My newer tunes are more like a natural progression from the ones on “Relations”. They are more refined and feature more layers. Also I take more time for a track, some of my earlier tunes were somewhat rushed.

Where are you heading next? Do you have any other aspirations as of now, is there anything happening in the near future?

– Right now I’m going to make some new music and am trying to find a decent way to perform them live. Also, I started with the preparations for my new EP.

Are you going to release anything new before the year has ended, or are you waiting for 2013?

– There will definitely be a new EP this year. It’s gonna be called “Longings”. I hope it won’t take too long but I’m kinda slow right now, so I haven’t picked a date yet. We’ll see. Besides that, I met many nice people from all over the world since I started Jogging House. There are good chances that some of those new friendships will end up in some form of release.

What would you want to recommend to the readers of this blog, musically? Have there been any great releases or any new bands or artists popping up in 2012?

– My taste in music is pretty much all over the place. Right now I’m really liking the new releases by the Dirty Projectors, Fiona Apple, Blanck Mass, Julia Holter and Perfume Genius. And I’m totally looking forward to the upcoming records from Animal Collective and How To Dress Well. Also, he may not be new but not that well known: Mark McGuire is probably the artist I listened to the most over the last couple of years.

Thank you for letting me interview you! What would your last words be?

– You are most welcome. Thanks for spending so much time with my music. My last words? Work less and wear more sweatpants.

Listen to his latest EP “Relations” down below:

Watch his video for the song My this, my that:

You can also find him over here:






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