Cambridge is falling down with Molasses!

So, I continued my search in a different category. I found some band called Molasses and checked their EP out which is titled “Whiskerbiscuit EP“. They also had one of the weirdest covers, with screechy pink in the background. Turns out that they’re a two-pieced noise-rock outfit, moving through different genres in search of influences. May include: punk, stoner-rock and some math-rock. Excitingly enough, this sounds like a blend of what is good with nostalgia and what’s good with not being stuck in the past.

As I haven’t written who they are, maybe that’s appropriate after some sentences of describing their music. The two girls are Katie Weeks, who play the drums and Alessia Lee that play guitar and sing. I listened through their album and almost 3/4 out of it was good and even remotely interesting. Since there’s a lot of stalemate bands out there, I think I’d rejuvenate your mind with another one of those bands that you usually find on weird occasions, such as this one.

Listen to Whiskerbiscuit EP below and buy the album if you wish, or download it for free.

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