A band from the Greensboro underground called Ashrae Fax!

I snooped around on bandcamp trying to find some good music and carefully made my way to the synth-pop tag. Weirdly enough, I found one of the covers to be a little bit odd, it wasn’t like the other covers. Either there were shitty covers or just blatantly overworked ones. This one was kind of eccentric, but at the same time frightening. It belonged to a band called Ashrae Fax, hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina.

The album is called “Static Crash“, so go and check it out and make up your mind. As I’m a swede and a bunch of miles away from the states, my mind told me: “hey, they look and sound pretty cool“. So I decided that I’d share this gem with you. Do also buy their album, it costs 12 dollars and it’s on vinyl. Can’t get it any cheaper than that to be honest, not for that amount of tracks and not for that kind of great music either. You should hurry, because there’s only 13 copies left of it.

Listen to their album “Static Crash!” below.

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