Beläten and Invisible Guy presents: Visions and Lights mixtape!

Something that was a thought at first carefully formed itself into a mixtape. Thanks to Beläten, who carefully mixed these tracks together, we get to hear some things from different labels but also a lot of new stuff from Beläten. Other tracks featured are from Kosmisk Väg, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Kalligrammofon, Hands In The Dark, afmusic, Neuropa, Autarkeia, Urgence Disks, Oficyna Biedota and Mannequin. Some tracks aren’t featured on any label and therefore I link to their Soundcloud or Bandcamp below. As we’re entering the season that’s called Autumn, this mixtape will help you on your way there. A perfect listening, on the verge of the transgression from Summer to Autumn.

Beläten describes it as following: “A selection of post avant-garde pop songs: some from the Beläten catalog, some from our allies and a few that are just in heavy rotation at the moment!


Militær Enhed – Sarajevo: Den Sorte Hånd (Excerpt) – Beläten

Cryme – Running Corpse – Kosmisk Väg

Moduretik – Pojď blíž! – Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

Death And Vanilla – Cul-De-Sac – Kalligrammofon/Hands In The Dark

Voyvoda – Staroverets – afmusic

Blitzkrieg Baby – Pig Boy – Neuropa

Xiu – Something – Beläten

Imiafan – The Park – Beläten

Black Vase – Fields – Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

Swollen SS – I Love You Rommel – Autarkeia

Tropic of Cancer – The One Left – Mannequin

Ebola Collective – Krajzis! Krajzis! – Oficyna Biedota

Ekman – Synthesis – Beläten

Jogging House – Baby – (

Gertrud Stein – Tanze Samba Mit Mir – Urgence Disk

Buzz Kull – Visions & Lights – (

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