Invisible Guy recommends: Music You Must Hear! (Part I)

I’ve made different parts that I’m not really done with yet. Will be completing the gothic-tips in a short span of time, hopefully before its September. But I missed out on giving an all-round moment of clarity for every reader, recommending some stuff you should’ve heard or at least should hear. So here comes the first part of “Music You Must Hear” and it’s not going to be the last. Hopefully you’ll learn one or two during the span of these sessions. If you didn’t, then read it again. I’m hoping that you’ll like it.

Even though I believe the live-version is better, I just have to recommend the studio-version of the song Danced by Toyah. Featured on her debut-album Sheep Farming In Barnet. She never really became the same icon as Susan Balliot (Siouxsie Sioux). I’m asking myself why, but I never come up with any reasonable answer to that. There’s a wide array to both the album and the song itself, it’s like a burst of glamor without it being attached to the disco-label or feeling remotely mainstream in any way or manner. I also like how the older pop/new-wave/synth-pop songs, like this one, always hold a big chunk of wild experimentalism. I don’t think any major company would release this today, it’s too much of a risk. I also believe that it was it that back when, but they actually had the balls to release it. Even though some of the songs became live-favourites, she still didn’t really get the stardom or appreciation that she deserved.

But here’s where I’m wrong, since after her first appearance as a punk-character named Toola, in one episode of the UK-series Shoestring ATV, she got propelled into the mainstream. So, even though I’m wrong, I will still say this: she haven’t enjoyed the timelessness appreciation like some of the other bands and artists did. Toyah very much overshadowed the rest of her band, but even though she said she’d be the one working the hardest, the rest of the band complained about the attention getting focused on her. So let’s hope this will rejuvenate some of the success she got throughout with her career as Toyah.

This man’s career spanned the world around in the simplest manner. Yet, he had much complexity in the music he created. Even though he considered himself to be simple. You know who I’m talking about, it’s all about Klaus Nomi – specifically his song Simple Man. He’s gotten a lot of recognition, but I believe he’s hidden for the mainstream and therefore I write about him. The song Simple Man is featured on the album with the same name. After he was gone, the people holding on to his material released it and titled it as Za Bakdaz. It was released post-humorously by the label Heliocentric, and they also cited that the album wasn’t even near completion. I like the mysteriousness of the video, and also the hinting concrete landscape which screams: simplicity! Even though it sounds pretty simple, it’s one of my favorite songs. Might it be because of the harmonics or the melodic sound-scape, or his excellent countertenor-vocals. You decide yourself.

If you’ve seen me write mystery, you’ll get that with this magnificent piece. The song is called The Girl Who Was… Death… and was created by Devil Doll, a mysterious Italian-slovenian experimental rock band formed in 1987. Headlined by the mythical character “Mr. Doctor“. Since he started out, he’s created five full-length albums and a box-set in very limited editions. Every edition must be pressed in a special velvet box with hand made inserts, but this special edition only accounts for ten of the editions released. Since it’s very limited, only the few people that have access to the group on his website, will receive it. And since they started out, they’ve gained quite a following and have a bunch of paying members which I fully understand. I just hoped for myself that I’d be one of them, unfortunately I didn’t find his music in time. Therefore this band will continue to be a mystery and so be it, I think it’s more vilifying in that matter and makes the music even more interesting. You must listen to every album ever released by this group, I promise you that it will be a good listening. Don’t be scared by the length of the songs, you’ll be on an enchanting trip throughout, changing genres every few minutes. Look it up.

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