Dear Leaders release new download-only song!

If you remember Dear Leaders, then you’ll know what they’re all about. If you do not, then check out my mini-interview with them over here. They’ve released a totally new song called “Find Me“, which they recorded totally D.I.Y. and live from the basement in their house. The song is a part of their upcoming album “Basement Sessions“, they’ll be revealing a new song every few weeks which will be available as a free download. So make your way over to their bandcamp-page which you can find here and below.

Invisible Guy recommends: Music You Must Hear! (Part I)

I’ve made different parts that I’m not really done with yet. Will be completing the gothic-tips in a short span of time, hopefully before its September. But I missed out on giving an all-round moment of clarity for every reader, recommending some stuff you should’ve heard or at least should hear. So here comes the first part of “Music You Must Hear” and it’s not going to be the last. Hopefully you’ll learn one or two during the span of these sessions. If you didn’t, then read it again. I’m hoping that you’ll like it.

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My New Fascination: MsXAbigailX

Excerpt frame from their interpretation of November Növelet - Magic

I stumbled across this account on YouTube when searching for some hard-to-get November Növelet. It was a depiction (in film) of the song Magic by November Növelet, released on Galakthörrö in 2007. Anyway, I finally found it and when I saw it my jaw fell down in awe. This wouldn’t be considered your normal YouTube-video dedication, where someone spreads a bunch of Windows Movie Maker fonts and create an annoyance. No, this could be considered art. I would consider it art since it affects me as a viewer on a deeper level and also make total sense with the video that is depicting the song both lyrically and musically. What I didn’t notice at first was that they’ve actually made a ton of clips accompanying various noise, experimental, synth-pop, shoegaze and whatever-you-say acts.

So, lets get to the point shall we?

November Növelet - Magic (as portrayed by MsXAbigailX)

This is the first one that came to mind. Because when you search for November Növelet on YouTube, it’s the video that pops up and has the most views. Therefore it’s right on the top for you to click on. I was actually thinking, for one moment, that it might’ve been an alter-ego for that group. It seemed way too professional, being done by a regular YouTuber. So, when I read the comments, I realized that this wasn’t the case. The setting seems to be in Prague from what I know by reading the comments to the video. They obviously know their schtick, a kind of advanced form of stop-motion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the special effects are created by a kind of stop-motion either. But I’m guessing that the video must’ve taken some time to make.

I’ve wondered for some time now how many hours they put down in the making of this video. Even though I’ve been speculating very much about the background of it, their technique, if they’re art-students and everything in between – I’ve come to the conclusion that the mystery behind it all make the videos enjoyable. It kind of takes the mystical touch out of the equation if there’s too much speculation going on. Anyway, the whole video is excellence in its purest form, and I wont reveal anything happening in it, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. They manage to tickle my emotional senses and it’s a joy to watch it all. Some of the pleasurable eye-candy can be found below, so do check it out and hit the subscription button on the top. It’s certainly worth it, even though I haven’t followed them as closely as I should’ve.

Excerpt frame from their interpretation of [Haus Arafna] - Part Of Fortune

Their latest addition is for the song Part Of Fortune from the album Butterfly by Haus Arafna which was released in 2003 on Galakthörrö. Which is an interesting take on the whole song, where they mix sensuality, decadence and film noir into one piece of minimalistic but ambivalent art. I must admit that not everything on the channel gives me any long-worthy sense of emotional high, but this one and the one I mentioned before are those that are my favorites. I might also catch a third one to fill this out. Until then, make sure you visit their YouTube-account because they’ve got some damn interesting stuff going on there.