The Scrags – Void Lodge 7¨ (2012)

The Cover?

This cover reminds me a lot of the minimalistic, somewhat iconoclastic and nihilistic vibes that the extraordinary Beläten gives me. It seems like the scenery on the cover is built up by the Moon on a stable platform, trying to hide the fact that it’s only a part of the back drop. The asymmetric feeling of it makes me question the intentions, almost as if they’d want you to be confused. I think the asymmetric picture-language in clinch with the back-drop makes me think they’re also trying to hide something with it. It seems like it’s not one of your regular releases, it’s not the conventional genre-licking and inside the box kind of thing that you see pumping through the other veins. No, this could very much be something as abnormal as a thought outside the box.

Also, the black little “freckles” could be considered to be something so wild as “white noise”, which is a random signal with a flat power spectral density. This would add up to the mysterious vibe and unusual connections, since I wouldn’t imagine a cover like this having anything to do with the genre they’re bound to. Maybe they’re not bound to it after all? Oh, what heresy! The skulls, to me, resembles death. A kind of lurking feeling of it, but a feeling of not being afraid. A natural death of natural causes, to make a peaceful depart from mother Earth. But then again, considering the remainder of the cover, it seems to me like they’ve got a double-edged message wanting to come across. However, I’m not certain of what message they want to portray with it, but I’m pretty certain it includes a multitude of words and meanings. Symbolically and aesthetically, this cover gives me the creeps, but at the same time includes a fascination of it.

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