The Deadfly Ensemble – An Instructional Guide For Aspiring Arsonists (2012)

The Front Cover?

I would have to count the days for the last time I saw a really original CD-cover. This one is explicitly original and it takes you back to a whole other era. Which makes it enjoyable, the autograph depicting the name “the Deadfly Ensemble” almost make it feel as if it were written by an older gentleman from another century, carefully constructed with an ink-pen. Making it feel genuine when first spotted in the middle of the letter-like CD-cover. Sometimes I feel like I want to open it, but it’s a carefully disguised illusion. There’s also some kind of arson with some kind of cloud or something above the lettering. Accompanied by the cryptic letters of: “bring the HEAT“. Making it even more mysterious in a way. It’s also a mixed match between the classic autograph and standard fonts. Even though there’s not much going on, it makes me wonder what’s in the letter that could be hidden within it.  The colors do also make a nice match with the rest of the cover and I enjoy myself with the illusion more than anything else.

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