My New Fascination: Laibach – Under The Iron Sky

The soundtrack to the quality film Iron Sky quite a low-budget film if we’re going to talk about Hollywood standards. It was created by one of my favorite bands: Laibach. I’ve found the song Under The Iron Sky from their soundtrack-album titled Iron Sky Original Soundtrack, to become likeable after listening to it a few more times.

Even though I really couldn’t comprehend the cheerful messages on YouTube, all hailing the song as being great and so forth – it didn’t get to me until I listened through it a bunch of times. I love the darkness of it, the expressions on their faces, the unbearable feeling of being a part when being engulfed by the sincere emotion of the cliche-ridden “true love“.

How they play their cards through the lyrics, how their different voices switch places as they tell their story. The grandiose feeling of it all makes it even more withstanding, it could almost be one of the best songs I’ve heard for a while. Even though I rarely listen to soundtracks.

I recommend listening to it when you’re feeling a bit gloomy, when you hear the sound of rain rattling on your window. A great piece that deserves more recognition then it’s gotten so far.

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