Mudbath – Red Desert Orgy (2012)

The Cover?

This cover furiously shriek out the words of: Autumn! One of my favorite times of the year, when the leaves are falling and the weather is a little bit dimmer. A great contrast in between Winter and Summer. Also a pretty innovative cover, but then again; these guys are serious metal-heads. I think they add up the dimension that seems to be lacking in the mass-produced phony metal of today. This phenomena is often seen in the more sophisticated genres, if I may say so. I think the influences of sludge, gloom and doom are obvious. But so are the more stoner-ish and black metal ones, with the inverted cross and all.

Well, good for me that it’s almost Autumn and the end of Summer, maybe this’ll be the ideal time to listen through it and glance at the cover? Even though I don’t really know if there’s any symbolism more than in the cross turned upside down. It seems like the tree have gained some octopus-like arms that are trying to linger their way into the middle of the picture. It’s also very nice that the main focus is their band-name, which when you focus on it give the more red and orange-ish colors a burst of flavor. As in: colorful flavor. Even though I don’t really like the drawn letters that much, they’re a contrast to the more detailed outskirts of the cover and the more subversive tone of colors that will seduce you the minute you know what it’s all about.

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Interview with Vortex Rikers!

Vortex Rikers is a solo-project managed by Chris. He’s from Dortmund in Germany and makes his music with the help of a midi-keyboard and Reason, I’d call his music something in between ambient, chillwave and post-dubstep. I asked him these questions a while ago and received an answer recently. You should check his material out at the bottom, he’s released a bunch of material already and seem to be fascinated by certain aesthetics. Well, what are you waiting for? Push the button and find out for yourself. It’ll be worth it.

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