Streaming the upcoming EP “On the Origin of Fæces” by Barren Womb!

You’ve probably heard about the Norwegian band Barren Womb. They mix some unorthodox genres together and make it happen, more precisely somewhere in between black metal, hardcore punk and country.

Their EP titled On the Origin of Fæces will be out on September 14th, on a label called The Perfect Hoax. But since I can’t hold myself, I’m going to stream the whole album here on Invisible Guy. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it thoroughly and appreciate it for what it is, a pretty unique mix in between good genres.

Listen to it and stream it below.

Hanetration releases new EP titled Torn Heat EP!

Do you remember Hanetration? Of course you don’t, but if you do, you’re a champion. I actually reviewed his first EP on this blog a while ago, you can check it out over here. Now he’s released a follow-up for his first release Tenth Oar EP. It’s called Torn Heat EP.

So, make your way over to his bandcamp and listen to the nice tunes he’s put together. Since I’m probably first on the ball, it’s going to be more of an enjoyable time for both you and me. Four glitchy, moody and ambient tracks by the names of Jurassic, Splinter, Sixth and Flicker. If you like it you can also download it from there because it’s a free download.

Listen to it down below.

Peter Sjöholm har släppt singeln “Normal” inför sitt uppkommande album!

Peter Sjöholm som bland annat lirar i punkbandet Syster Ingrid, som har med ett par låtar i en av mina podcasts, har själv släppt en singel. Denna singel är släppt på hans egna skivbolag Computer Killed The Recordstore, som enligt honom själv är en “aptitretare” inför det uppkommande albumet “Det här är bara början på någonting som förmodligen kommer att ta slut imorgon” som släpps senare i höst.

Förutom just Syster Ingrid har Peter även en gedigen bakgrund inom göteborgs indiepopscen, där han spelat elektronisk indiepop på olika klubbar sedan början av 2000-talet. Tidigare har han lagt upp diverse musikprojekt, men detta är hans första “riktiga” release någonsin. Han har även skrivit låtar i andra band och lirat synth i bland annat indiebandet Waterburg.

Därför tycker jag att ni bör lyssna på låten “Normal” här nedanför:

PANIKK finished the recording of the upcoming album!

The Slovenian Bay area thrash metal maniacs Panikk just finished the recording of their upcoming album which is scheduled to be released in early 2013 on Metal Tank Records under the name of “Unbearable Conditions“.

The band comments: “We finally finished the recording of Unbearable Conditions. The overall recording went smoothly, in fast mood and with no dramatic issues. We already heard the very final result and the entire crew is both excited and thrilled about what months of recording gave birth to: a lethal dose of fast, old school and untamed thrash metal. We are pretty sure that all of you enjoying tunes from legendary acts such as VIO-LENCE, EVILDEAD, SEPULTURA, DEMOLITION HAMMER, FORCED ENTRY and ACID REIGN will dig our latest effort at 100%”

Below you can preview “Panic Attack“, the first single taken from the album.

Interview with the Deadfly Ensemble!

the Deadfly Ensemble is quite an eccentric collection of individuals. Existing since 2006, with more or less members actively pursuing perfection. The current setting includes Lucas Lanthier, James Powell, Marzia Rangel, Dizhan Blu and Steven James. They play different instruments, that make up for a varied sound. I found out about them through the picture above, seeing it on the internet some years back. Somehow I never got into it, but in the year 2012 I sent myself on a quest of acquiring the mail to these people. There I sat, with sweaty hands, writing to them and hoping they’d respond. After a while I actually got a response, which prompted me to think of some questions worth asking. Then I did that and sent them away and this is the result. I also did an extensive review of their latest album, over here. Check this piece of art out and hopefully you’ll like this interview.

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Tribe – The Human Deviant (2012)

The Cover?

An offspring to the romanticism based around the apocalyptic zombie-scenario. Or at least the romanticism when it comes of depicting it, because it doesn’t seem to be that jolly to begin with. Since Tribe is a D.I.Y-band, it’s impressing how much detail that’s actually been worked into the cover. A solid texture around the font of the band-name, almost like an infection spreading through your veins and corrupting them to a degree that you’d look like you were on steroids. Apart from that, it also matches the apocalyptic theme of the front-cover.

What may not be noticeable by on the picture above, is that it’s a rogue-zombie standing in the middle of a burning and empty village. Apparently on the edge of an already pretty unpopulated area, since it seems to be pretty remote. The zombie is wearing some kind of mask beneath its nose and is reaching for you like it’s trying to say: “I’m coming for you next!“. Not much more to say about this cover than the noticeable amount of time that’s been put down on it. Even though I’d hope it’d be less of a sepia and a more ghastly combination of less colorful buildings as a contrast to the burning fire in the background. Something tells me that it’s a little bit over-edited, but fortunately not that much. Great cover anyway.

The cover of the CD-disc is actually more to my liking, a more colorful appearance and the missing contrast of colorfulness and grayness. You also get a little inlay seven pages long that depicts the lyrics and also show some pictures of the band-members. On the back of the page it’s a Thank You-note for everyone who participated in helping them make the album. I love the D.I.Y.-feeling to it and a Thank You-note is always something good, a pretty long one at that too.

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Check your level because here’s Glucose!

A top-notch IDM-producer/DJ from Denver in the United States, whom also goes by his real name Ben Gleason. So, since we like to keep up the tempo at times over here, I’d recommend this too. Some of the greatest IDM/D’n’B I’ve heard for a while and the first song that inspired me to write about this is the song called Bring It Back from the EP titled Telepathic Octopus that I’ll be linking below. There’s a sublime touch to it which brings out the aquatic theme from the cover to the music. Almost as if you’d be traveling high-speed below surface to one of the futuristic Atlantis environment. That’s if they’d be keen on having raves down there, but anyway, check it out.

Something Urban about Wolves in Sacramento!

Yes, that’s correct. They’re called Urban Wolves and they’re from Sacramento. The band consists of Jordan Wolfe (bass/vocals), Lys Mayo (guitar/vocals) and Adam Jennings (drums/vocals). Putting out some interesting material lately, one called Tour EP with five songs. Some great post-punk and punk action in these songs and well worthy a listen, it was a long time ago I heard something as tight as this. There are some great songs on there, I recommend them all but certainly recommend the songs Farewell and Staying for the Credits even more.

Faråker släpper två nya låtar!

Nu har Faråker släppt två nya låtar som ni kan spana in under eller helt enkelt bara spela här på bloggen. Den första låten heter Zombiekärlek och den andra låten heter Lycklig Död, två mycket vackra låtar som jag hoppas att alla kommer att lyssna på. Helt klart en av Sveriges bästa musiker just nu och framtidshopp med tanke på hur sterilt det annars är. Just på denna front har jag saknat en hel del kompetenta musiker, vilket tar mig tillbaka till de glada dagarna av bra svensk musik. Det märks var han får sina influenser ifrån och jag hoppas att han blir det “nästa” stora.

Faråker går akustisk med låten Villa Dovre!

Faråker lämnar ifrån sig en akustisk version av den senast upplagda låten “Villa Dovre“. Tillsammans med Anton Dahlrot på tramporgel och Björn Forsberg på klockspel. Med både skuggspel och silhuetter, med en bastant och underliggande känsla av harmoni samt ett litet stycke melankoli.

Låten är inspelad live direkt från replokalen, och om du har missat hans minst sagt intressanta musik så vill jag hänvisa dig till en intervju som jag gjorde med honom här. Dessutom tycker jag att du borde checka in på Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook och överallt där man kan hitta honom.