Interview with Epidemics!

Epidemics is an oldschool punk-band from Umeå formed in 2007, consisting of four friends who met each other through the punk-scene. They’ve released one full-length album titled Waking Up The Dead, a single featuring the song I Don’t Get It which also landed on Turist I Tillvaron Vol. 1 and an EP titled No Reply. I did this interview a while ago and didn’t get any response for a while, which was the stupid mail-systems fault. So I finally got the answers from Emma Swanström, the singer of the band. I asked her about the background-story of Epidemics, what their favorite show was like, what they’re releasing next and many more interesting questions. Follow the lead and click it for a feast! Just joking, click the damn button and it’ll open up itself for you.

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