Sapphire Rebellion – Pocketful of X-Rays

The Cover?

Well, it might not be as impressive as I’d want it to be, but it’s OK since it’s their first CD. However, I noticed something cool about the cover and that’s how it blends the colors together and reflect the light from my computer-screen onto the jewel-case, creating a wide oval of rainbow-colored delight. With blue and purple tint on the edges, switching to a blend of yellow, cyan and almost red color the closer you come to the middle of it. If this was done on purpose or not, I don’t really know, but it enhances the feature. In theory, it could be a distraction from the bland cover, making it an even more fascinating experience. The back looks almost the same, but with a squash of colors differentiating between sulky and bright colors. Almost psychedelic, to a degree.

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A tribute to Last Days Of Man On Earth!

Dave Zukauskas

I found the blog Last Days Of Man On Earth some years ago and didn’t pay as much attention to it as I should’ve. Since there weren’t a lot of blogs around then, I started to venture around (thanks to it) and also found KBD Records. Now that I’ve read everything on the blog, I started to mail around and got a hold of Joe and others. But a man called Dave Zukauskas wanted me to do it in text, so here’s his tribute to Last Days Of Man On Earth and mine too. I asked him a bunch of questions about what blogs he visits, how the “shut-down” of Last Days affected him and a range of other questions I wanted to ask. So let’s see this as a tribute to the immense work that laid the path of that particular blog and how much it actually influenced people around it. Thank you, Joe and thank you Dave for wanting to get interviewed. I also had a question about the Hardcore Superiority myth which you can read over here.

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