Moloken – Rural + Video

The Cover?

Now, for once, I actually know who’s made the cover. It was made by Kenny Lindström who resides over at Organic Level. Deep within the wilderness of the forests of Sweden, the story would begin. A bunch of mean looking crows beneath the tails and trees. Maybe the inspiration for this cover came from the nature of Sweden? I don’t really know, but it feels that way. At the same time it feels kind of exotic, as if they’d cover themselves in palms and vines. The colors match each other with a nice and sharp precision, at the same time it comes with rough edges which makes the texture of it look more worn. They artist they’ve hired for this one, as mentioned above with name, seem to be a very skilled one. Whilst the color-combination make it seem more in-your-face and dark than the lettering of it, the reversed little birdies almost form a fractal with the rest of the background. So, that may explain why I’d expect a hint of psychedelia in this record. Also, the doom and gloominess of it entwined with the dark and alluring could give me a hint of it being doom metal and black metal. Basically everything that’s influenced them to begin with. Let’s see if this will reflect itself accompanied by the music.

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Interview with Moloken!

Moloken is a band that plays many different genres and isn’t easy to categorize and doesn’t want to be either. I’d call it metal, but it feels like they’re on a mission to find their sound. Drawing influences from both death, doom and black metal – along with some top-notch stuff from the 70’s progressive rock. They come from the deep north, in the cascading forests of Umeå. The band currently consists of Jakob Burstedt (drums), Kristoffer Bäckström (guitar/vocals), Nicklas Bäckström (bass/vocals) and Patrik Ylmefors (guitar). I got the opportunity to talk to Patrik and Kristoffer from the band some months ago, and they got back to me very recently. Which means that this interview has a time-perspective of questions asked some months ago, so things have progressed since then. I asked them about the Hotet Från Skogarna releasegig, their inspiration, how they’d throw a party and other vehemently complex subjects that’ll be riddled within secrecy.

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