On a straight path with [STRANGERS]!

So, what should we check out today then? I’d say we’d check out [STRANGERS]. They’ve delivered a completely new remix of Curxes song Spectre.

I currently like the original more but I like how they’ve twisted the song into their own compartment. The vague sound of both underground and mainstream compromised within the group is rather alluring. They’re currently creating songs for their debutalbum, releasing a single on August the 20th, but they’re also playing with the legendary group Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark in London on Thursday the 19th of July.

While waiting for great deeds to be done, why don’t you listen to the soundtrack of it all? Featuring their latest song Safe/Pain:

Do also watch their video for the song over here:

Quite a mind-boggling video in a good way, the pain and melancholia just jumps up and tears your face apart. But amidst all that sorrow, there’s some kind of reconciliation between the vague happiness, explicit anger and sorrow. A great video.