Six In Line – U Shud Hev Invtd Me

The Cover?

Well, to be honest, it’s not much of a detailed cover. Even though detail doesn’t have to mean quality, I prefer covers which I can check back on now and then just to re-discover something. But that pretty much gives away how much of an humorous, new or just crossover an act will be. If compared to Municipal Waste covers, you’d have a long way to walk. Since this is one of their first covers and second release, I’ll let it slide. So let’s analyze the symbolic meaning of 999/666 (if turned the other way) it could mean anything from an emergency number to a Sunday. Who parties on a Sunday anyway? Must be an unlucky bastard that isn’t even invited. The 666 is self-explanatory, high-way to hell comes in mind but also the Devil. Even though the rest of the cover seems to enjoy the more cartoony sides of things, there are actually some details and symbolism worth noticing as I did above.

The jeans, arm and axe are pretty detailed when compared to the rest of the picture. It feels pretty weird that there are cans of beer lying around when everyone is inside, maybe they were outside for a short while? But that doesn’t explain the party-goers lack of alcohol left on the outside. Since they’re so many attending the party. Somehow the cover becomes better the more you focus on it and the longer you stare at it. The title of the album is written in bloody letters, probably by an illiterate or someone who’s really mad and didn’t get invited to the Sunday party. Maybe I sense some kind of internet-meme here of some kind? Well, the morale of the story is: if you didn’t get invited, you’re probably going to become an axe-wielding maniac. And that’s not somebody you’d like to party with, probably someone you should stay away from. It also comes to mind that this cover in a way or another mocks those human beings with zero self-distance, which is fun when you think about it. All-in-all a interesting cover in the end, probably not the first thing you’d associate thrash with but it permanently stinks crossover.

The Songs?

First song You Should Have Invited Me starts off with someone snoozing, or somebody that is remotely pissed at least. Can’t really tell the difference. The riffing that starts off after the weird intro is pretty intense even though the sound scape sounds like someone drenched a perfectly fine tape with water and tried to save it. It sounds like the sound bounces back and forth between the different instruments, taking away some volume as if it wasn’t compressed in the right way or limited for that matter. However, besides that quite annoying ordeal, things sound pretty insane. The flanged sound of the guitar takes me back to some quite original songs in that compartment, but I’d like to hear more of the drums as they sound quite off. Otherwise, the singer comes off as a breath of fresh air in these times of dusty old thrash and re-cycled stuff. I like how it sounds like he’s taking a major dump and then unleashes hell with a quite unique voice. He’s got a big range from whiskey-voiced southern singer, to a crazed out old-school thrash-metal singer. If the sound scape would’ve been just a little more uncompromising, it’d connect a little bit more with the singer. He really tries his hardest to bring something to this quite messy fabric. But behold, sometimes the drumming actually escalates into a nice concoction of thrashy goodness and at the same time make for a good compliment to the bass and guitar-riffing. Further into the song you can also hear some pretty nice solos, or at least half of a solo. I also enjoy that you can hear the bass even though the sound scape is pretty murky and flat. I’m guessing this is only one of those demos, since the sound scape really isn’t top-notch to begin with, not that it should be on that stage though – but I’d expect it to be a little bit more dynamic and not half-way lo-fi and half-way polished.

Jeez, it felt like the song was going for ages. Time to transcend into the second domain of this album, with the second song Plata o Promo. I must say that the intro isn’t as weird as the first one, but in a way the riffs sound pretty alike on this song as in the first one. The difference being that they’ve tried to be more melodic in this song. Now, the singer also sounds a little bit better than he did in the first song, which is a huge compliment since I liked his voice. This one’s also more of a sing-along song that shouldn’t really be as long as four minutes. They’re certainly pushing it, but they should fill their sound scape with a little bit more variation. Actually, the bass in this song is pretty damn good and he holds his swinging instrument higher than the others. Further in there’s a breakdown where it almost sounds like they’re trying to be more death metal than thrash, or at least a little bit more technical in the thrash-department. It feels as if they should aim at being more technical, if that’s the way they’re going. Because the riffs become better and better the further in I get, a hunch faster and it’d be even fiercer. The only negative about it have already been stated, it feels like the sound scape takes a lot of dynamic from the instruments and make them punch each other out of the picture at times. Also, it feels like the song is too long, being that it could be pulled off as crossover. I feel like there’s the element of short, sturdy but assaulting thrash that’s missing. Right now, they’re in the middle trying to find their place with the sound. That’s actually a good thing about them, they’re pretty original when it comes to content.

So, the final song is up for slaughtering. Or no, I mean, dissection of course. One of the morbid titles on this one, because it’s named We Intend To Hang You. Starting off with a distorted and lo-fi sounding riff, escalating with some cymbal temptation. This is one of the songs that make it easier to place them somewhere, like something in between D.R.I. and genuine bay area thrash. Lyrically, it’s wild as hell. I like the lyrics pretty much and the singer manages to pull them out without a stain on his soul. He goes all-in, slaughter the lyrics and then move on like it was nothing. A real crossover no-bullshit attitude. Hopefully the more trashier side take over a little bit more than the crossover, but one could only hope for it to happen. Unfortunately, it’s the old-school sound that really doesn’t move me that much. I’d like it to be as raw as the German thrash that beat the shit out of you and pulled you up to beat you even more, or the more death-metal oriented like Dark Angel. Good thing about this song is that the drumming is taken up a notch and becomes increasingly menacing but as intriguing as it should be. It becomes totally obvious the more you hear the singer’s voice, how much the band’s actually influenced by the good old crossover and to a lesser extent the American thrash. I deem this album to be a pretty decent one at least, but there’s a lot of stuff that could be sounding better.

Favorite song: We Intend To Hang You


+ Looking forward to hearing more in the future

+ Good lyrics

+ Singer’s voice

+ Drumming

+ Riffing

+ Baseline


+ Album cover

Not as important:

Title of the album

The final verdict is 5/10.

Check it out over here:

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