Piresian Beach recommend her all-time top 5 albums!

Piresian beach’s heartfelt appraisal of magical musical polytehism – a gentle guide to those who hunger the truth of psychedelia. In my polytheism there is no hierarchy between the various deities.

Spacemen 3 – Sound of Confusion

If you cannot imagine a band that kicks ass and floats six feet above ground level, that’s not your music but otherwise you are trapped in space for the very first listen. I find it amazing how they retain their character even while playing covers of classic tunes like The Stooges, 13th Floor Elevators – matching these cover songs with their own stuff sounds absolutely natural and the album’s integrity is just so captivating (which is also true for their other great records as well, especially The Perfect Prescription). It’s puzzling to me, whether it’s mainly the lack of drugs that made them so different in their later projects but as long as it’s not only junkies who can dip themselves into this bluesy space rock, I don’t care.

Losing touch with my mind is just one of the greatest album beginnings and I actually have a soft spot for the first seconds while listening to any records, that’s just simply the sounds you hear the most often.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Tepid Peppermint Wonderland

If you’ve seen Dig!, there’s not much to say about how the Brian Jonestown Massacre remains true and unforgettable to this day as things for them haven’t much changed And that BJM is simply Anton Newcombe’s genious (and nothing else), which might not be the most experimental kind but the things he gave back to music seemed to have been lost entirely by the time he appeared on the horizon. what’s more I myself have gained a lot of self-confidence from the fact that he has always been working on a quite low-budget while recording, not over-producing music but keeping it simple, focusing on the songs basically. And he is still going.

I believe whatever style he endeavors himself in, he aims at a sort of timeless, classic sound while preserving his own vision. And this vision does weigh a lot in the world of BJM, no matter how many personas Anton has developed throughout the years, each song still reflects what Anton probably finds generally important about music.

This album summarizes the first prolific years of BJM, so anyone who seeks a good first listen and a ‘forever favorite’ record, go for this one, this is how I got acquainted with BJM as well. If you still say, you’re not interested in a sixties-revivalist psycho, you might be missing the point.

Nevertheless is rooted in the softer side of early psychedelic rock and is covered in sadness all over but has these majestic qualities in attitude. Whoever falls in love with this song will be more likely to handle pain with pride.

Los Saicos – Wild teen punk from Peru

Whoever tells you that he invented punk, never believe him but the Peruvian band Los Saicos was just so cool, they made it without even noticing it. And without listening to The Sonics or any other early garage punkers of the sixties.

They just simply liked to play it loud and rough and the few songs they put together in a year’s time were rediscovered by the new garage revival of the 2000’s, which made them influential for a wider audience. Forget about the remastered issue, go for the original version with the crappy sound and snapshot your face while you hear Erwin Flores yelling for the first time. And don’t forget to introduce Los Saicos to your grandchildren as well.

VA – Back from the grave /  VA – Nuggets

Either psych garage box set you listen to, this is just the amount of ammunition enough for founding 30 bands at least. But as far as it concerns me I can never get enough of garage compilations. I love the idea that basically any band can have its 15 minutes of fame (in less than 3 minutes) and these sets are really about very powerful ass-kicking tunes. D’ you know what is the next step in being a garage compilation addict? Yeah, going for the obscure sets, when you can no longer resist a far Eastern set, or the one focusing on surf beat behind the iron curtain, or if you feel like getting jangly you put on a comp with sitar sound… never ending trip.

My ultimate choice is Art Guy’s Where you gonna go because I have covered this for being my all time favorite psych garage song

Nirvana – Live at Reading

At the age of 12 Nirvana was a huge explosion for me, which lasted for years as a fan but it’s only these days that I’m trying to find out what’s so cool about Nirvana. Kurt was by no means a great guitarist or singer but rather like a great synthesizer of rock and roll history – okay and a cruel self-inspecting psychiatrist, which definitely gives weight to all the music he has composed. Still, no matter what depths of darkness Kurt reached, each Nirvana song is simply pop and as such, absolutely approachable to anyone (okay, maybe I am biased because of my ‘childhood memories’) and I cannot really think of any bad track from them, which makes me think that they are somewhat close to perfection, haha.

What record should you choose if you’re about to listen to Nirvana for the first time? Forget about any singles collection by all means but listen to Live at Reading instead – this one has the best songs, live dynamics, out of tune guitars and the attitudes as well, while they were at the peak of their career.

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