Insane – Hollow Death

The Cover?

It reminds me a lot of the tape-trading cover-art that you can find on the internet and also can find at collectors that have a bunch of old school thrash-gems in their bin. Supposedly a very raw and sketched out art, almost to the brink of it being a little bit humoristic (the font) but in all seriousness also a pretty scary cover at that. Featuring one of those ghastly ghouls that seem to pop up everywhere unannounced, pretty common on hard-rock covers but also in thrash-metal e.g. Morbid Saint if I could ever think of one. Like Eddie on Iron Maiden covers, but on steroids instead. Well, since their album is titled Hollow Death, one would assume that this creature is about to have a snack. Even though the gentleman to the far left of the picture seem to be very afraid, the ghoul is pointing his finger at me, the listener. So, I believe his advice would be “Insane” and “Hollow Death“, if not, he’s going to go at the poor little man’s brain or something. Pretty scary, pretty humorous and pretty nice cover which reminds me of many things dear to me. Also, the black and white of the picture just enhances the feeling for the record, almost implying a sub-conscious aura of: “this is a demo, this is a rare tape, this is something you should have – raw and feisty thrash-madness“. Lets see if this cover was right.

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